Spain places United Russia MP on international wanted list

A Deputy of the United Russia Party, Vladislav Reznik, and his spouse Diana Gindin, were declared internationally wanted by Spain, as reported by RBC on March 12th. The MP’s lawyer, Alexander Gofshtein, has confirmed this information. There is no information about the search for him in the Interpol database yet.

Earlier, Rosbalt reported the transfer of documents to the international search organization by Spain to the Interpol General Secretariat.

According to the edition, the Spanish Court had brought charges against 26 citizens of Russia, including Petersburg crime boss, Gennady Petrov, the Deputy of the State Duma, Vladislav Reznik and other citizens. It was reported that all of them are accused of involvement in the Tambovskaya criminal group and money laundering in Spain.

The case is based on recordings of telephone conversations, in which Petrov talks to different participants, including a man named Slava. Reznik denies that it was actually him.

The MP was interrogated twice. The first interrogation was held in Moscow by Spanish investigators, the second was held via a video conference. All those accused were due to appear before the court in late January, and all were required to post a bond of EUR 133 million.

According to Rosbalt, only a few people appeared at the hearings. The judge issued an arrest warrant and ordered an international search for the rest of them. It was reported that all of the accused appealed this decision.

The lawyer for the Deputy of the State Duma, Alexander Gofshtein, stated in his interview with RBC that Reznik and his spouse decided not to respond to the requirements of the Spanish investigation because of custom-made nature of the case.

The notorious Prosecutor, Jose Grinda Gonzalez, who is known for coordinating his procedural steps with the U.S. Government through the published correspondence of American diplomats on WikiLeaks in order to discredit the Russian authorities and its representatives at any cost, is responsible for the investigation, Gofshtein added.

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