Savchenko refuses to sign the documents for extradition to Ukraine

Nadiya Savchenko has refused to sign the documents for extradition to Ukraine. She explained her decision in a letter posted on her Facebook page.

“I am outraged! The officials brought me a set of documents to complete for my extradition to Ukraine. I laughed wildly after reading them. The first question asked what my purpose was for crossing the Russian border. Can you imagine such a question? I answered that I was kidnapped by the Russian secret service. They immediately changed my answer to state that I crossed the border illegally. No! This will not do,” Savchenko explained.

She added that it was as if she had become a part of an “evil and surreal fairytale”.

“In addition, I still owe them 30,000 rubles for being kidnapped!” Savchenko exclaimed. “Is that for gasoline? Perhaps it is a payoff so that I can finally be returned to Ukraine!”

She added that it is not the money that she is concerned about, but the fact that Russian authorities had tried to make her look like the culprit. Savchenko is mostly angered that in order to conceal her abduction, Russia wants to put her on trial for a second time. She will be tried for extradition but feels that they simply want to portray her as a criminal.

“They judge me and want me to return to Ukraine not as a hero, but as a criminal even though they are the criminals! Why should I incriminate myself for Russia, just because they threatened to kill me? Let them kill me then. I will not sign any documents with this type of wording,” Savchenko said.

A Russian court sentenced Savchenko to 22 years in prison in March.

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