Russian State Duma adopts new package of anti-terrorism laws

On Friday, the Russian State Duma (Parliament of Russia) tightened a number of laws, adopting amendments from the so-called "Yarovaya's Package.” Changes in the law include the articles on failure of an individual to report certain crimes, as well as inducement, recruitment or other involvement in the organization of mass disorder. In addition, the concept of "international terrorism" was introduced.

"Yarovaya's Package" lowers the age of criminal responsibility for terrorism. Now people as young as 14 could be charged with it. Also, control over personal correspondence was tightened, which imposes an obligation on telecommunications operators to store user messages for six months. Some of the provisions of the earlier package have been removed, including the proposal to revoke citizenship of those found guilty of terrorism.

Human rights activists have criticized the tightening of the legislation. "Yarovaya's Package" was adopted on the last day of work of the 6th State Duma.