Russian military began to test new military equipment in the Arctic

The Russian Ministry of Defense is carrying out tests of new military equipment in the Arctic region, TASS reported.

“Today, the specialists of the Main Directorate of motorized military forces along with representatives of the military industry began to conduct research and tests of new and prospective weapons and military equipment in Arctic conditions,” Deputy Defense Minister Dmitri Bulgakov told reporters.

Military personnel will take the snow-and-swamp equipment from the village of Tiksi to Kotelny Island and back – across the ice of the Laptev Sea. That is a distance of about 2,000 kilometers.

The test includes snowmobiles, articulated tracked transporters, and special vehicles which run on low-pressure tires, said Dmitri Bulgakov. There will also be studies involving vehicle bodies, quick-inflate tents for soldiers, portable and fixed equipment for measuring ice thickness, water treatment and desalination facilities, and medical equipment.

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