Russian lawyers say there is a new suspect in the Nemtsov murder case

Lawyers of Boris Nemtsov's family appealed to the Investigation Committee of Russia, demanding that seven more alleged suspects be charged with the murder of the Russian opposition politician. They allege that the following participated or had some role in the murder: an officer of the Chechen battalion, Sever Ruslan Geremeyev, his brother, Arthur, and Chechen Senator Suleiman Geremeyev, as well as employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic—Alimbek Delimkhanov, Aslanbek Khatayev, Shamhan Tazabayev and Vaha Geremeyev.

According to RBC, the lawyers’ petition claimed that despite the "circumstances, pointing to the possible involvement of these persons in the organization and the murder of Nemtsov” identified by the investigation, “none of them were properly interrogated; exhaustive operational and investigative activities were not carried out against them.”

Boris Nemtsov was killed on the evening of February 27, 2015, not far from the Kremlin. Five natives of Chechnya have been detained in connection with the case. On November 18th the court sanctioned the arrest in absentia of the alleged organizer of the crime, a former officer of the North (Sever) Battalion, Ruslan Muhudinov.

Nemtsov's family lawyers also named Ruslan Geremeyev as another organizer of the murder. There were two attempts to charge him in absentia, however, the head of the Investigative Committee, Alexander Bastrykin, refused to approve the corresponding resolution. Both Muhudinov and Geremeyev earlier left Russia, causing them to be put on the international wanted list.