Russia's Gazprom named one of main sources of greenhouse gases

According to estimates by British scientists, more than half of the world’s greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere in the past 28 years were produced by 25 large companies. And the largest producers were Saudi Aramco and Gazprom, Russia's RBC news agency reports.

“In the 28 years since 1988, when the influence of greenhouse gases on the Earth’s climate was recognized, about 833 billion tons of carbon dioxide, methane and other gases (equivalent to CO2) were put into the atmosphere as a result of burning and processing of fossil fuels; the increase in concentration of these gases contributes to the rise in temperature, according to experts of the British organization Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP),” the new agency reported.

According to their calculations, the total amount of such greenhouse gas emissions in the years from 1998-2015 exceeded emissions for the previous 237 years, that is, from the start of the Industrial Revolution (820 GtCO2e).

It is estimated that almost three quarters of the emissions (635 billion tons) were produced by 100 companies, and the 25 largest ones accounted for about 51% of all emissions. The largest contributor to the saturation of the atmosphere by greenhouse gases, according to the CDP, was Chinese coal miners. The total amount of associated greenhouse gas emissions (emissions resulting directly from the operation of coal mining companies plus emissions associated with the use of mined coal) is estimated by the CDP for the period 1988-2015 at 129 billion tons, or 14.3% of the total emissions of the world’s industries.

Among the individual companies, CDP experts named as the largest producer of greenhouse gases Saudi oil and gas company Saudi Aramco (40.561 billion tons, or 4.5%). Russian Gazprom is second, producing 35.221 billion tons, or 3.9%.

On July 5th, Russian Gazprom and Hungary signed an agreement to extend the Turkish gas pipeline through Bulgaria and Serbia to Hungary.

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