Russia conducted successful test launch of its new anti-ballistic missile

Russia carried out a successful test of its new anti-missile system, which is designed to improve the Anti-Ballistic missile shield, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported.

The launch took place at Sary Shagan anti-ballistic missile testing range in Kazakhstan in the presence of representatives of the Russian Air Space Forces and defense industry representatives.

The Russian Ministry of Defense reports that, during the missile test, a hypothetical target was successfully hit.

The anti-ballistic missile system is used by the Russian Air Space forces to protect Moscow and the Central Industrial Region of the country from ballistic missile attacks.

The anti-ballistic missile system is use to provide early warning and reporting capabilities of missile attacks and surveillance of outer space.

Currently, the А-135 system is used for protecting the air space over Moscow.

Its development began in 1971 and the first launches were held in 1979. A-135 consists of the Don-2 Radar station located in the town of Sofrino near Moscow, a command-computing center in the town of Pushkino and several combat complexes equipped with 53T6 anti-ballistic missiles.

The testing of the new system A-235 anti-missile system began in 2014.

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