Putin: Victory Day most significant event of 2015

Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking at a New Year’s reception at the Kremlin, summed up the results of this year and noted the most significant event, as reported by TASS.  "We sum up the past and build plans for the coming year.  In the past year there were many events but the most significant was the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory," Putin said.

He stressed that the country has celebrated this date "with honor to our fathers and grandfathers, whose fate is inspiring." The President especially emphasized the impact that the unity of the people had on the country, "the desire and the willingness to act together in all trials to defend basic values."

It was reported earlier that the Russian President will celebrate the New Year with his family.

The 2015 Victory Day Parade celebrated the 70th anniversary of the capitulation of Nazi Germany in 1945. The parade was the largest and most lavish in Russian history.

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