Poll suggests 96% of Russians don't want a revolution in their country

According to a public opinion poll conducted by the Russian Public Opinion Research Center, 96% of Russian citizens do not want a repeat of the Euromaidan revolution in their country, as reported by korrespondent.net.

Last year, the number of Russians who had a positive view of Ukraine decreased from 60% to 50%.  Currently, 36% of the respondents have a negative perception of Ukraine.

The survey also revealed that 34% of Russians believed that the Euromaidan resulted in anarchy and lawlessness.  A further 18% believed that it was a coup, while 12% thought of it as a civil war.

As for the reasons that the Euromaidan actually happened, 20% of the respondents attributed it to politics, 19% believed it was due to American provocation while 13% thought that it was due to a struggle for power, territory and money.

When asked if they would want Euromaidan to happen in Russia, 96% responded negatively and only 1% responded positively.

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