National Bank of Ukraine expects to receive fifth tranche of IMF loan

Ukrainian authorities will reach a consensus with the mission of the International Monetary Fund that is working in Kyiv now. They anticipate that the country will receive the fifth tranche of the Fund's loan within the framework of the program.

This was told to reporters by the acting head of the National Bank, Yakiv Smoliy on the sidelines of the research conference organized by the National Bank of Ukraine together with the National Bank of Poland and with the support of the Government of Canada and the Kyiv School of Economics, UNIAN reports.

Smoliy reminded reporters that the mission will work with the NBU, the government and the presidential administration in four key areas: pension reform, land reform, anti-corruption court and strategy for the development of state-owned banks.
"I think that a consensus will be reached on all these questions, and we will receive the next tranche," he said.

On the other hand, Smoliy did say when the next tranche would be received, recalling that by the end of the year, two or three reconsiderations of the program with the IMF are theoretically possible.

"We expect the total amount to be $4.5 billion, and the term will depend on how the IMF Board of Directors makes the decision," he added.

The International Monetary Fund mission arrived in Kyiv on May 16.

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