Ukrainian Ministry of Energy proposed banning the import of anthracite from Russia

The Ministry of Energy and Coal Mining of Ukraine submitted a draft resolution to the Cabinet of Ministers to ban the import of steam coal from Russia.

"The Ministry submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers a proposition to ban the imports of steam coal from Russia," Minister Ihor Nasalyk told journalists before the meeting on Wednesday, Interfax-Ukraine reported.

Nasalyk noted that presently, with the support of the US Embassy in Ukraine, negotiations are underway regarding the possibility of buying anthracite from the US. The agreement should be reached by the end of April, he added.

On March 23rd, Nasalyk announced the preparation of the draft resolution on the prohibition of coal imports from Russia. On April 11th this position was supported by Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman. "So far, there is no resolution yet, but in fact, I believe that it is very important for us to diversify and not to import anything from Russia by any means," he said during a press conference.

In the first quarter of 2017, coal imports from Russia to Ukraine amounted to 221,000 tons with a total import volume of 413,000 tons.

  Ukraine, Russia