Memorial: Tver resident Andrei Bubeev is a political prisoner

The Civil Rights Defense Center’s publication, Memorial, recognized a resident of Tver, Andrei Bubeev, as political prisoner, who is accused of publicly calling for separatism and extremism.

The website of the center reports that the grounds for instituting criminal proceedings against Bubeev were posts in social networks of an article by Boris Stomakhin called Crimea is Ukraine! and a picture which shows a hand squeezing toothpaste from a tube, with a caption saying, "Squeeze Russia out of yourself."

Memorial emphasizes that the content of the materials is "excessively offensive and aggressive," but it does not contain a direct incitement to violence or plans to fight.

"Andrei Bubeev’s imprisonment is linked exclusively with the expression of his opinion and definitely does not correspond to the level of public danger imputed to his publications," human rights activists assert.

Earlier, Bubeev was convicted in a case of humiliation of human dignity and possession of ammunition for his own rifle.

  Russia, political prisoners