Media: Lithuania stopped the creation of a data center because of its ties to the FSB

The Lithuanian authorities have taken measures to stop the implementation of the entrepreneurial plans to build the country’s largest data center near Vilnius. According to the BNS, the Lithuanian Intelligence warned that such a data center could be connected to the Russian “spy center.”

The head of the VSD agency, Darius Yaunishkis, confirmed that based on data from the State Security Department (VSD), a government commission came to a negative conclusion concerning the Arcus Novus company’s project. “According to the VSD, Arcus Novus’s project of the AmberCore data center poses a threat to Lithuania’s national security due to ties with the Federal Security Service (FSB) of Russia,” he said.

According to BNS' sources, the VSD warned the government that if the data center is connected with Russia via fiber-optic cables, it could be easily connected to the FSB’s center of electronic intelligence. As noted, AmberCore DC, a subsidiary of Arcus Novus, intended to develop the data center project.

The plan was initially for the data center to have 600 server cabinets. However, as the governmental commission rejected the project, representatives of these companies appealed the commission’s decision in court, arguing that the project hasn’t been stopped yet. As they claim, they resorted to the court because the commission’s conclusion included facts that are untrue and offensive for their businesses reputation. It is important to note that Arcus Novus was established in 2003 and the company’s main activity was the broadcasting of data to satellite communications systems.

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