Ukrainian Prosecutor General: Main motive for Sheremet's murder appears to be revenge for his professional activities

The General Prosecutor of Ukraine, Yuriy Lutsenko said on 112 TV Channel that the main motive for the murder of journalist Pavel Sheremet is revenge for his professional activity.

“The investigators considered all angles but revenge for professional activity is seen as the key motive,” Lutsenko said. “The primary investigation activities are currently underway. We receive testimonies of those who live in this area and interview witnesses, including the notorious Russian Channel that always shows up first at murder scenes. We also interview relatives of Pavel.”

According to Lutsenko, the first data received from FBI explosive experts, auto-technical experts and video analysis will most likely be available on Monday. He also noted that new investigators from the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MFA) and the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine will be engaged in the investigation.

The General Prosecutor of Ukraine reported that the former first Deputy Head of the National Police, Vasyl Pascal can participate in the investigation. “We have agreed to his possible involvement in the investigation despite the fact that he was dismissed from the Ministry of Internal Affairs. I think that this case can provide grounds for exception from common rules and bring him back to work,” Lutsenko stated.

“On Monday, I also want to hear from the two best investigators on difficult, high-profile murders, who stayed in the Prosecutor General’s Office and probably will begin their work as a part of the joint investigative operational group together with Vasyl Pascal,”  the General Prosecutor added.

As previously reported, Sheremet was murdered on the morning of July 20th when a bomb planted under the car that he was driving exploded. The car belonged to the co-founder of Ukrayinska Pravda, Olena Prytula.

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