Italian Lombardy region to consider a resolution to recognize Crimea as a part of Russia

The party Lega Nord (Northern League) will soon submit a resolution to the Council of the northern Italian region of Lombardy demanding that the Crimea be officially recognized as a part of the Russian Federation.

According to the secretary of Lega Nord, the national MP Paolo Grimoldi, the document will be submitted to the regional Council in early June.

"We are optimistic and hope that the resolution will be adopted," the politician said.

The document calls for the regional executive body, the Giunta, to communicate with the national government in Rome in order to "officially recognize the Crimea as a part of Russia."

According to Lega Nord, this way the will of the people of the peninsula, which was expressed during the referendum of 2014 that many international observers consider to be illegitimate, will be recognized.

The Italian party also intends to call for the lifting of economic sanctions against Russia.

Earlier, the Council of the Italian region of Veneto approved a resolution calling on the government to recognize the Crimea as part of Russia.

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