EU delegate to Ukraine: Shokin's dismissal is an opportunity to initiate reforms

The new Prosecutor General of Ukraine must ensure the General Prosecutor’s Office’s (GPO) independence from political influence and pressure, according to a statement made by the head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine, Ambassador Jan Tombinski.

"I noted that today, the Verkhovna Rada has accepted the resignation of the Prosecutor General. This decision provides an opportunity for a new start in the General Prosecutor’s office," he said.

Tombinski expressed his hope that Shokin’s successor will be able to guarantee the GPO’s independence from political influence and pressure and the GPO will enjoy public confidence. "The work of the Prosecutor’s Office is an integral part of the full institutional modernization of Ukraine and the implementation of Association Agreement," Tombinski said.

As is known, on the 29th of March, the Verkhovna Rada ratified Shokin’s voluntary resignation from the post of the Prosecutor General by 289 votes. Shokin is accused of ruining high-profile cases against Yanukovych’s men, putting the brakes on significant, on-going investigations and stating that the EU should lift sanctions against the individuals on the list.

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