Criminal proceedings initiated against Duma Deputy for criticizing Putin

The Investigation Committee of Russia has initiated its second case against the Deputy of the Kursk Regional Duma, Olga Lee, for bringing accusations against Russian President Vladimir Putin and criticizing his actions. According to the Investigation Committee’s website, the case was filed under part 1 of article 282, “Inciting hatred or enmity.”

According to the investigation, Lee posted her remarks on her Vkontakte social network page and published videos of her performances on the web that, according to linguistic analysis, contained language aimed at humiliating a group of individuals motivated by their belonging to a social group. The targets seem to have been the authorities, particularly law enforcement officials and the judicial system.

Her published videos contained allegations of especially serious crimes against public prosecutors and judges. Lee fell out of favor with her colleagues in the Duma when she called for Putin to step down.

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