Media: National Bank of Ukraine transferred data on Privatbank's clients to Moscow

The officials of National Bank of Ukraine (NBU), handed over all data on PrivatBank (PB) clients to Moscow, Oleksandr Dubinsky, the host of the program Groshi (Money), wrote on Facebook, citing personal sources.

"Complete data on all clients of PrivatBank, with the permission of the NBU, was transferred to certain servers in Moscow by company Kroll, which audits PrivatBank," he wrote, noting that the Russians were interested in the database of participants of the Ukrainian military operation in the Donbas and volunteers.

According to the journalist, the General Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine has already opened a criminal case.

This information was also confirmed by Ukrainian economic publication citing its unofficial sources on the banking market. The publication reports that law enforcement officers are conducting a pre-trial investigation into criminal proceedings under No. 42017000000003145 of Article 362 of the Criminal Code ("Unauthorized actions to information processed in electronic machines (computers), automated systems, or computer networks, or stored on the carriers of such information, committed by a person authorized for such access").

The criminal case was initiated due to the "illegal collection and disclosure of data contained in the electronic systems of PrivatBank, as well as their unauthorized copying, which led to leakage of data committed by persons who have the right to access such a system."
There is no mention yet of the case in the state register of judicial decisions of official court materials, where criminal proceedings with the indicated number are recorded.

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