Media: Bulgaria considers Russia a threat

The Bulgarian government views Russia as a threat to its foreign policy, according to the report on the state of national security in 2016, adopted by the government and sent for approval to the National Assembly (Parliament) of Bulgaria, Sega newspaper reports.

The newspaper stresses that "this is the first time that a government document contains such a sharp criticism of Moscow." This document was signed by Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov. In it, he says that "Russia's actions are a source of regional instability and threaten our main goal: a united, free and peaceful Europe. Security threats increase not only in the Baltic and Black Seas, but also in the eastern Mediterranean, where Russia is strengthening its military capabilities and increasing military activity."

Sega notes that the authors of the report pay serious attention to Russia "mostly in a negative aspect." It states that "the intensive strengthening and modernization of Russian military capabilities on the territory of the illegally annexed Crimean peninsula, the ongoing activities to integrate it into the economy and the social and political life of Russia expand the country's exit into the Black Sea, leading to a disruption of the geostrategic and military balance in the Black Sea region."
Another issue in the report discussed the deterioration of relations between Russia and NATO, Russia and the EU.

Bulgarian experts believe that "Russia selectively complies with fundamental international arms control treaties,” pays no regard to the territorial integrity of independent states, conducts an information war and uses hybrid strategies extensively that undermine trust and interfere with making decisions related to European security."

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