Media: Security Service of Ukraine received information on planned Poroshenko assassination attempt

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) received information from an unknown source regarding a planned attempt to assassinate President Petro Poroshenko, Ukrinform reported with reference to a source in SBU management.

The information regarding the possible attempt on the president’s life arrived, while Poroshenko was on a work visit in the Kharkiv province.

“Yesterday, on August 22, at roughly 12:00, the SBU received an anonymous phone call. The call was not from a stationary telephone, it made use of IP telephony. A mechanical female voice reported a planned attempt to assassinate Poroshenko during his visit to the Kharkiv province,” the source noted.

SBU staff have been unable to identify the location of the anonymous source. The information on developments has been filed with the ERDR according to Sec. 1 Art. 112 of the Ukrainian Criminal Code.

During his visit to the region, Poroshenko ceremoniously opened a bridge across the Seversky Donets in Izium in the Kharkiv province and a new radio and television transmission station in Bakhmutivka in the Luhansk province.

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