Lithuanian Security and Defense committee investigates why Lithuanian trains are equipped with Russian security system

The Lithuanian parliament’s Committee on National Security and Defense has begun an investigation into who decided to install the Russian “CLUB-U” security system on Lithuanian Railways trains during their modernization, stated Committee chairman Vytautas Bakas after a closed meeting in the Seimas, reports Delfi news agency.

According to Bakas, the Russian system may pose a threat to national security, since it is linked to the Russian military industry.

"We will find out the circumstances of the implementation of this system, the people who were responsible, at what level these decisions were agreed to ... We will find out who made these decisions, which we will need to correct, [and] to seek large sums to ensure the safe operation of the enterprise," said Bakas.

The "CLUB-U" system was developed by the Izhevsk radio plant and uses the Russian GLONASS satellite navigation system. This system is implemented in about a third of the locomotives used by the Lithuanian Railways.

The conclusions of the investigation should be made public before May 1st of the next year.

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