Kyiv denies that the entry ban for Russian men had been lifted

Despite the lifting of martial law, more stringent control over foreigners' entry into Ukrainian territory and firstly Russian citizens will remain. The State Border Service will continue to thoroughly verify the reasons of the trip of each Russian citizen to Ukraine, stated Spokesman for Ukraine's State Border Guard Service Oleh Slobodyan, Radio Svoboda reports

“Women can also take part, for example, in destabilizing activities in the territory of Ukraine and carry out other assignments of the Russian Special Services," Slobodyan noted. "That is why we pay also attention to women. We talk with them and learn of all the circumstances of their trip to Ukraine in detail.”

Slobodyan explained that after the imposition of martial law and after it was lifted, Ukrainian legislation had not changed and that special attention is being paid to citizens of 70 countries who are present a migration risk. The secondary procedure for passport control is carried out as normal, meaning circumstances related to the visit are looked at in detail.

On December 28, the news agency Gordon published an interview with Slobodyan where he said: "The ban on entry for Russian men has been lifted. But the State Border Service continues to carry out controls, clarifying the purpose of each visit." His statements were also widely cited by Russian media.

The decision of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (NSDC) to ban entry for Russian men aged 16 to 60 was extended despite the suspension of martial law. According to NSDC, all the bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs continue their work as usual.

  State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, Russia