Kyiv: 6,500 Russians were denied entry into Ukraine in 2018

The press representative of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, Oleh Slobodyan, said in an interview with Espresso TV that the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine refused entry to 6,500 Russians last year. He added that the number has increased compared to 2017.

Slobodyan clarified that there are three main reasons for refusing entry: failing to prove the trip purpose, exceeding the stay period during previous trips and violation of Ukrainian legislation regarding visiting the Crimea. The representative of the State Border Service reported that since the beginning of 2019 more than eleven thousand Russians provided their biometric data to Ukrainian border guards during the border crossing process.

Earlier, martial law was introduced in Ukraine after the incident involving Russian and Ukrainian ships in the Kerch Strait. Martial law lasted for 30 days or until 26 December. Male citizens of Russia aged 16 to 60 were prevented from entering the territory of Ukraine during the marshal law.

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