Kremlin: Russia will help Venezuela cope with blackouts

The ambassador of the Russian Federation in Venezuela, Vladimir Zaemsky said that Russia is ready to help Venezuela deal with the blackouts, Interfax reported.

 “Of course, our country is ready to support our strategic partner Venezuela in this difficult situation,” the diplomat said.

According to Zaemsky, a special commission established by the Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is investigating the accident at the El Guri hydroelectric power plant. Maduro is expected to ask Russia for technical assistance as part of this commission.

Now "the Venezuelan authorities are working out the priorities that they would need to solve in this area and what help they would need for it."

On March 7, a powerful blackout struck Venezuela. The automatic control system of hydroelectric power stations went out of order, which caused electricity outages across the country.

The power supply started being restored on March 11.

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