Kremlin responds to Ukraine’s idea of banning train to Russia

Deputy chair of the Federation Council committee on international affairs Vladimir Dzhabarov commented on the Ukrainian authorities’ idea of stopping railway transportation to and from Russia, RBC news agenncy reports. In his opinion, Ukraine itself will suffer from this.

“They are cutting off their nose to spite their face. This railway is used mostly by the Ukrainians, who travel to Russia for work or to visit relatives. They are sawing off the branch they are sitting on,” the senator said.

Vladimir Afonsky, a member of the State Duma committee on transport and construction, told RBC that he considers the statement made by Ukrainian Minister of Infrastructure Volodymyr Omelyan concerning the possibility of terminating railway traffic with Russia “shortsighted”. “This is a shortsighted statement by the minister, which will be to the detriment primarily of Ukraine and Ukrainians,” he observed.

On December 13, Omelyan spoke about the possibility of stopping railway traffic with Russia. He added that it will only be possible to speak of a final decision in 2018. At present, one Russian train runs between Russia and Ukraine, from Moscow to Chisinau, as well as several Ukrainian trains.

On December 11, Russian Minister of Transport Maksim Sokolov said that all trains of the southern direction of Russian Railways – 30 freight twinsets  and 62 passenger twinsets – have been diverted to bypass Ukrainian territory.

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