Estonian Finance Minister wants to spend less on upgrade of border with Russia

Estonian Finance Minister Martin Helme from the Conservative People’s Party of Estonia (EKRE) suggested that the country could save money by spending less on the border with Russia, RIA Novosti reports.

“The border must be built more cheaply than planned. Without all the bells and whistles. There are more rational solutions,” Helme said.

He also said that less money should be invested in the construction of public sector buildings. Instead, he called for investments that stimulate the economy.

Previously Estonian Prime Minister Jüri Ratas announced that the country recognizes the existing border with Russia, and that Tallinn and Moscow have reached a consensus on the matter.

“Estonia has already started building the border with Russia on the current control line,” Ratas noted.

Estonian Interior Minister and chairman of EKRE Mart Helme pointed out that Russia has not yet given back 5.2% of Estonia’s territory. He added that Estonia does not intend to go to war against Russia, and is prepared to wait for the matter to be resolved by means of international law.

The Estonian-Russian border is 338 km long. The current plan is to install an electronic monitoring system with sensors, video surveillance and drones, and a 2.5 meter high fence along 90 km of the border. It is scheduled for completion by 2026 and will cost an estimated €190 million.

  Estonia, Russia, Martin Helme