Estonia establishes border with Russia

As TASS reports, Estonia has fully completed the layout of the border with Russia. According to the Police and Border Guard Department of the republic, 567 poles have been installed.

It was reported that last spring, the demarcation of the border on Lake Peipus and the Narva Reservoir was carried out and 176 buoys were placed there.

According to calculations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the country, the modernization of the eastern border infrastructure cost Estonia 197 million euros, although earlier it was planned that the work would cost 79 million - nearly two and a half times cheaper.

In March 2016, it was reported that Tallinn is going to build a fence along parts of the Russian-Estonian border. Its technical development is expected to be done by 2020. Last year, Estonian media reported that the republic would build a fence two and a half meters high on the border with Russia. Later this statement was impugned.

  Estonia, Russia