Authorities of separatist LPR called Jehovah’s Witnesses ‘Ukrainian agents’

Alexander Basov, the so-called Minister of State Security of the Luhansk People’s Republic stated that members of the religious organization Jehovah's Witnesses who are in the uncontrolled areas of Luhansk region are really agents of the Security Service of Ukraine.

The LPR officials claim that the religious organization was "an active agent of the Security Service's influence in the LPR." According to separatist authorities, searches conducted on the premises belonging to the Jehovah's Witnesses organization in Luhansk and Alchevsk and revealed pro-Ukrainian propaganda materials.

In addition, the separatists reported that the organization transferred ownership of one of its offices to the Ukrainian Pravy (Right) Sector free of charge.

Earlier, Russia added Jehovah’s Witnesses to the list of banned organizations.

  Jehovah's Witnesses, LPR, Ukraine, SBU