Washington: Russia wants to get Turkey on its side

The United States Permanent Representative to NATO, Kay Bailey Hutchison stated that Washington is working every possible solution to convince Turkey to give up purchasing Russian S-400 missile systems, Interfax reported.

"We are very against [Turkey’s purchase of the S-400] because it will have a negative impact on the compatibility of NATO weapons in Turkey. We cannot use a defense system created by Russia and supply F-35 planes to Turkey at the same time. That is why we work with Turkey in all directions so they don’t deploy Russian missile systems in their country,” Hutchison noted on the Fox News Channel.

She also stressed that the USA repeatedly discussed with Turkey at various levels the purchase of S-400 missile systems.

"I believe that Russia is trying to get Turkey on its side. They are trying to poach most of our allies,” the Permanent Representative noted.

Earlier, United States Secretary of Defense James Mattis stated that Washington recommended against Ankara purchasing Russian S400 air defense missile systems and was ready to offer Turkey an alternative.

As was reported, Moscow and Ankara have agreed to speed up supplies of S-400 missile systems and they have also finalized the price.

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