• Ukrainian Ambassador to the US criticizes oligarch Pinchuk's article in The Wall Street Journal

    The Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States, Valeriy Chaly, criticized the oligarch Victor Pinchuk for his position in a The Wall Street Journal article.

    The diplomat wrote on his Facebook page, that big businesses should focus on supporting Ukraine, rather than "helping the enemy."

    "People ask me: what is your opinion on Victor Pinchuk’s article in the WSJ. I honestly do not see the need to respond. An attempt to take advantage of the situation and business as usual," Chaly said.

    He …

  • U.S. Senators will ask Congress to impose severe sanctions against Russia

    After a visit to Ukraine, Republican Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham and Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar went to Georgia, where they announced that they would seek from Congress the imposition of more severe sanctions against Russia and its President, Vladimir Putin. The Senators made their statement on January 1, Krym.Realii reported.

    “We hope to make 2017 a year of responsibility for crimes. It is time to restrain Putin. The time has come for new sanctions that will badly affect him …

  • Poroshenko: US-Ukrainian radar system was installed in Mariupol

    Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko announced that in Mariupol, a new system of early detection was established to control the border.

    "A good example of how we are moving forward is an updated technical observation post in Mariupol. It is equipped with the newest system of early detection, prevention and identification of targets. We can detect any air or water target. We can even detect a swimmer. This AEROS system, a joint Ukrainian and the United States project, has been manufactured by …

  • Naftogaz signs loan agreement with Citi and Deutsche Banks

    The National Joint Stock Company, Naftogaz Ukraine, signed a loan agreement with Citi and Deutsche Banks for a euro-denominated line of credit for the purchase of gas, equivalent to $500 million. The funds must be used solely for the purchase of gas, as reported by the company on Saturday, December 31st. The agreement itself was signed the day before.

    According to Naftogaz’s press service, the credit line is secured by the World Bank, which in turn, is guaranteed by the Ukrainian Government …

  • Poroshenko said separatists attempted to attack Shyrokyne two weeks before he and US Senators visited the area

    Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko stated ,when visiting Mariupol on December 31, that before his coming to Shyrokyne, separatists attacked the village and attempted to assault the positions held by Ukrainian armed forces, UNIAN reports.

    "Two weeks ago, Russian-terrorist units tried to seize strongholds in the area of Luhansk, in the locality of the Svitlodarsk salient,” Poroshenko said.

    "Ukrainian servicemen not only repelled the enemy’s attacks but also counter attacked, inflicting …