• Russia pays Ukraine 3.5 million euros in compensation for dirty oil

    Ukrainian oil company UkrTransNafta received from the Russian oil giant Transneft  compensation of 3.5 million euros for the supply of low-quality oil to the Ukrainian section of the Druzhba pipeline, reports UkrTransNafta's press-service.

    "This is not the final amount, as Transneft continues to reserve the capacity of UkrTransNafta [pipelines]," reads the message of the press-service.

    The amount of compensation is determined within the framework of existing contractual relations and depends …

  • Ukrainian film director Sentsov says he hasn't noticed significant changes in Ukraine after his release from Russia

    Director Oleg Sentsov, who was released from Russian captivity, wrote on his Facebook page that, while he was in prison, not so many changes took place in Ukraine as he expected.

    "A week has passed since my release. It was interesting to see what changes have happened to the country and people because I feel like as a person who arrived on a time machine from 2014," wrote Sentsov.

    Ukrainian Director also added that a week is quite a short time, but he managed to visit a lot of places and …

  • Lawyer: Russia has not closed criminal cases against released Ukrainian sailors

    Russian lawyer Nikolay Polozov wrote on his Facebook page that Russia had not closed the criminal cases against the Ukrainian sailors, who were captured in the Kerch Strait on November 25, 2018, and who were released after the prisoner exchange between Ukraine and Russia on September 7.

    "Today [on September 16], I have visited the investigative department of the Russian Federal Security Service in connection with the case of arrested Ukrainian sailors. Work on the case of Ukrainian sailors …

  • Volker: No Donbas elections until Russian troops are withdrawn

    US Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker said that Ukraine’s international partners will not pressurize it to hold elections in the Donbas while there are still Russia-controlled forces in the region.

    “I don’t see a scenario where Ukraine is pushed toward holding elections while the territories remain occupied. The ‘Steinmeier Formula can only be implemented after elections have been held,” Volker told the TV channel 1+1 in an interview.

    He said that in order to hold free and fair …

  • Ukraine budgets $10 billion for defense in 2020

    The Ukrainian government has allocated more than 245 billion hryvnia (around $9.9 billion) to national security in the draft budget for 2020, said Ukrainian Finance Minister Oksana Markarova, as cited by UNN.

    “We are planning to allocate 245.8 billion [hryvnia] to various administrators who are involved in security and defense,” she said, clarifying that not all of it would be allocated to specific administrators.

    “There is a separate new article – these are the funds that are supposed to be …