• Russian and Ukrainian oligarchs and also top officials are among Cyprus ‘golden passport’ holders

    Top managers of Russian companies and state banks, as well as entrepreneurs from the "high-risk" group who were under investigation or whose business was subject to sanctions or administrative fines, received together with their family members citizenship of the Republic of Cyprus in exchange for investments in 2008-2012, reported the newspaper Politis, which named 34 owners of Cypriot "golden passports" issued during the period when the president of the island state was the former leader of …

  • Kyiv: relations with Belarus will never again be normal

    Belarus has an unfriendly policy towards Ukraine, said Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba on air of the TV channel Pryamoi.

    "This is an unfriendly policy, and we should not tolerate it," the minister said, commenting on Minsk's decision to hand over to Moscow the detained Wagner PMC fighters in July and the recent statements of the country's President Alexander Lukashenko.

    "Obviously, relations with Belarus can no longer be as they were before," he added. According to Kuleba, human …

  • Russia scrambles 8 fighter jets as U.S. Air Force strategic bombers fly over Sea of Azov

    Russia scrambled eight fighter jets when U.S. strategic bombers entered the airspace over the Sea of Azov on September 4, reported the command of the Ukrainian Air Force.

    "Formation of American B-52H missile carriers and Ukrainian MiG-29 and Su-27 fighters seriously scared the Russian occupiers, who scrambled eight fighters (4 Su-27 and 4 Su-30) and put the Russian Southern Military District's air defense on alert," the statement reads.

    The Ukrainian command noted that NATO reconnaissance …

  • DRP head orders an attack on Ukrainian positions along demarcation line in Donbas

    The head of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), Denis Pushilin, ordered the DRP forces to strike the positions of the Ukrainian military near the village of Shumy in the Donetsk region.

    "I officially declare that in accordance with paragraph "e" of additional measures [on ceasefire] I have decided to issue an order to open fire on illegally erected engineering facilities in the area of Shumy settlement (600 meters northeast of the town of Shumy - an area of newly equipped …

  • For the first time U.S. Air Force B-52 strategic bombers fly over Ukraine

    Two B-52 strategic bombers of the U.S. Air Force have carried out a flight over Ukraine for the first time, reported the news outlet “Ukrainian militaristic portal”.

    According to air traffic monitoring services, the planes with tail numbers JULIA51 / 61-0034 and JULIA53 / 60-0044 entered the territory of Ukraine from Poland.

    The U.S. for the first time since 1991 transferred B-52 bombers to 24-hour duty, after they had been deployed to Europe.

    Last year,  two U.S. bombers flew near the …