• Ukraine terminates all air traffic with Russia.

    The Ukrainian Ministry of Infrastructure has announced a complete cessation of air communication with Russia.

    This comes after a continued lack of response from the Russian air communication department regarding the restrictions imposed on the Ukrainian airlines.

    Ukrainian infrastructure department has decided to suspend all air traffic starting October 25th.

    The Ukrainian ministry confirmed that the ban will be imposed on all the Russian airlines.

    On September 25th Russian Prime Minister, …

  • NATO Parliamentary assembly adopts Resolution on Solidarity with Ukraine

    A resolution of Solidarity with Ukraine has been adopted by the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.

    Ukrainian MP, Ivanna Klympush-Tsintsadze reports on her Facebook page that the resolution has been adopted with all the revisions requested by the Ukrainian delegation.

    It has been adopted unanimously by all the delegations of the NATO countries.

    The document condemns in strongest of terms the illegal annexation of Crimea and the continuing intervention in Eastern Ukraine by the Russians.

    The …

  • Russian 'humanitarian convoys' bring toy bombs to Ukraine.

    While Moscow claims its "humanitarian aid" trucks are carrying aid for people in Ukraine's Donbas, the true purpose of the convoys remained delivery of ammunition and supplies for the Kremlin's unmarked troops and mercenaries.These days the truce continues to hold, but the explosives units of Ukraine's armed forces are busy taking care of those "gifts" delivered by the russians.

    Over 42,000 mines and other explosives have been detected and defused by Ukrainian military in the war torn areas in …

  • Kremlin replaces puppets in east Ukraine.

    There is nothing surprising in the fact that Kremlin finds the work of its curators in the self proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic ubsolutely unsatisfactory.Hence the puppet staff is being currently replaced, as reported by The Information Resistance group.Among the indicators of failure: over a hundred of militants have left the 11th Regiment of DPR, including 19 officers who have declared an unwillingness to continue to serve in the russian-backed military units.The fact that russian …

  • U.S. to keep tough line on Russia until peace plan fully implemented.

    Despite Ukraine truce, US keeps tough line on Russia.

    The U.S. assistant secretary of state Victoria Nuland warned on Thursday that the United States would maintain economic sanctions imposed on Russia over its intervention in Ukraine until the terms of the peace plan are fully implemented.“We will judge Russia and the separatists by their actions, not their words,” she said. “We will work with the EU to keep sanctions in place until the Minsk agreements are fully implemented. “And of course, …