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  • Russian Ministry of Finance will continue negotiations with the IMF on Ukrainian debt

    The Russian Minister of Finance, Anton Siluanov, stated that Russia will continue negotiations with the International Monetary Fund concerning the non-payment of $3 billion, which the former President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovich, took on credit, TASS reported.

    “We have been discussing the cooperation of the International Monetary Fund in an effort to secure its obligations on behalf of Ukraine and the consequences of the default that Ukraine allowed to happen with this debt,” Siluanov said. …

  • Russia has charged Ukraine with penalty interest for Yanukovych's debt of $3 billion

    According to Russia, Ukraine's debt as of March 20th, together with the interest, amounts to 3.137 billion dollars. This follows the claim filed by the Law Debenture Trust Corporation company, which represents Russia, to the English Court against Ukraine, RBC reports.

    The lawsuit states that on December 21st, 2015, when the repayment of securities was due, Ukraine did not pay 3.075 billion dollars which violated the trust management agreement (Trust deed) with the Law Debenture Trust, the loan …

  • Russia files lawsuit against Ukraine over $3 billion debt

    On the 17th of February, the Ministry of Finance of Russia filed a lawsuit against Ukraine with the Supreme Court of London for the recovery of a $3 billion debt in the form of Eurobonds.  Russia provided this loan to Ukraine in December 2013, the Minister of Finance, Anton Siluanov reported.

     “The lawsuit was filed after unsuccessful attempts to contact Ukraine for a constructive dialogue with regard to debt restructuring,” Siluanov stated and was quoted by Interfax.  He called a court …

  • Jaresko: There is a Chance to Avoid Legal Battle over 'Yanukovych's Debt'

    Ukrainian Finance Minister Natalia Jaresko believes that there is still a chance to avoid a legal battle with Russia over the three billion dollar debt, the repayment of which Kiev missed in December, as stated during the World Economic Forum in Davos during an interview with Bloomberg News that was published on January 23rd.

    According to Jaresko, Ukrainian and Russian officials might meet "soon" to discuss the issue.

    Russia bought three billion dollars worth of Ukrainian government bonds at …

  • Ukraine asks for Canada's support in trade controversy with Russia

    The Minister of Finance of Ukraine, Natalie Jaresko, held a meeting with Canada's Federal Minister of International Trade, Chrystia Freeland, where she asked for Canadian support in the trade dispute with Russia within the World Trade Organization (WTO). RNS reported that the meeting took place at the Davos World Economic Forum, and the details were posted on Jaresko’s Facebook page.

    "Today I had a pleasant meeting with the Minister of International Trade of Canada and my good old friend …