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  • German politician warns of the danger of a conflict between Russia and the United States

    The Coordinator for Intersocietal Cooperation with Russia, Central Asia and the Eastern Partnership Countries, Gernot Erler, warned the United States and Russia against a possible military confrontation in Syria. "We are seeing a profound alienation between Russia and the West, and it is becoming more dangerous," the German politician said on Sunday, October 16, 2016 on the Berlin Direkt program on the socio-legal TV channel ZDF.

    As Erler said, there are serious discussions being carried out …

  • Putin hopes to improve relations with the United States after the presidential election

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that he hopes US-Russian relations will improve after the US presidential election.

    “I hope that when this debate and this difficult period in the political life of the United States end, I hope that there will be chances to restore the relations of Russia and the United States," Putin said after the BRICS summit on Sunday, October 16.

    Putin also suggested that the United States is using the “tried and tested scheme” of diverting voters’ attention …

  • Media: U.S surveillance drone conducted aerial reconnaissance near the Crimea

    The RQ-4 Global Hawk strategic unmanned surveillance aircraft of the US Air Force has conducted a reconnaissance flight near the Crimea. It approached the peninsula from the side of Ukraine and the Black Sea. This was reported by Interfax news agency with reference to portals that track the movement of military aviation.

    According to the media, the unmanned  aircraft departed from the Sigonella airbase in Sicily and flew to the Crimea from the western side of the Black Sea at an altitude of 15, …

  • The United States and Britain threaten the Kremlin with new sanctions

    The foreign ministers of the United States and Britain, John Kerry and Boris Johnson, said their countries are considering imposing new economic sanctions against the Russian Federation and the Syrian government, DW reports.

    In particular, punitive measures should be taken in response to the events in Aleppo, where hundreds of civilians were killed as a result of air strikes by the Syrian and Russian militaries.

    Kerry and Johnson expressed hope in the effectiveness of diplomatic tools to …

  • Kremlin: US comment on retaliatory cyber attacks against Russia are unprecedented

    The Press Secretary for the Russian President, Dmitry Peskov, said that Washington's threats to carry out cyber attacks on the Russian Federation are unprecedented. This was said in response to U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden’s remarks about responding to cyber-attacks on the Democratic Party, which allegedly Moscow is responsible for, at "the right time."

    "We will take precautions. The unpredictability and aggressiveness of the United States is growing; such threats against Moscow and …

  • U.S. officials find growing evidence of connection between Russia and WikiLeaks

    There is mounting evidence that the Russian government is supplying WikiLeaks with hacked emails belonging to Democratic Party officials, namely those of Clinton campaign chair John Podesta, CNN reported, citing officials familiar with the investigation.

    The way in which the emails are leaked "suggest Moscow is at least providing the information or is possibly directly responsible for the leaks," one U.S. official said.

    U.S. intelligence agencies are continuing their investigation into the …

  • 'Friends of Ukraine' group wants to include the US in the Normandy format

    The U.S. wants to be seen as a participant in the Normandy Group negotiations regarding the settlement of the situation in the Donbas region along with Ukraine, Russia, France, and Germany. The members of the informal group ‘Friends of Ukraine,’ consisting of seven prominent European Union politicians, are appealing for this change, as reported by Politico.

    It is noted that the Declaration was published on behalf of the former NATO Secretary General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the former Secretary …

  • US spy planes observed test launches of Russian intercontinental ballistic missiles

    On the 12th of October, Interfax reported that two US Air Force RC-135S reconnaissance aircraft were sent to observe the launches of Russian intercontinental ballistic missiles. These aircraft were sent by the Pentagon to the Russian borders in the areas of the Barents Sea and Kamchatka.

    This is according to websites that track the movement of military aircraft.

    According to these sites, the RC-135 modification S aircraft are designed to collect telemetry data on test missile launches. This …

  • Lavrov and Kerry to meet in Switzerland to discuss Syria

    U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov will meet in Switzerland on Saturday in order to discuss Syria despite high tensions between Moscow and Washington, Reuters reported.

    Russian and U.S. attempts at a coordinated peace effort in Syria came to an abrupt halt after the Syrian government launched a renewed offensive on the war-torn city of Aleppo last month, aided by Russian bombers. A Russian and U.S. backed ceasefire deal, which lasted barely a week, …

  • The U.S. and Norway discuss plans to deploy U.S. servicemen along Russian border

    The Ministries of Defense of the United States and Norway are discussing the possibility of deploying U.S. forces in Scandinavian countries bordering the Russian Federation, Deutsche Welle reported.

    “The capacities for additional drills, stocks and such sort of things are evaluated in the Armed Forces,” the Ministry of Defense of Norway noted, adding that it was a long-standing wish of the United States. It is reported that the Pentagon wants to deploy 300 U.S. marines near Vaernes in …