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  • US representative to the UN: Russia committed crimes in Syria

    Nikki Haley, Permanent US Representative to the UN, while speaking on the protection of human rights at the UN Security Council on March 29, said that Russia and Iran are involved in the Assad regime’s annihilation of the population and civilian infrastructure in Aleppo. The US representative referred to this as “war crimes”.

    “Together with Russia and Iran, the Assad regime has destroyed every hospital in eastern Aleppo. Every single one. A quarter of a million people have been left to suffer. …

  • NATO Commander urges U.S. to supply Ukraine with lethal weapons

    The Commander in Chief of NATO forces in Europe, General Curtis Scaparrotti urged the United States to begin the delivery of lethal weapons to Ukraine. The general called for this specific support during hearings in U.S. Congress, the record of which is posted on the website of the Committee on Armed Services.

    Scaparotti noted that the Ukrainian armed forces need support in the fight against "a very lethal, tough enemy.” He asserted that Russia does take part in the conflict in the east of …

  • Kyiv says meeting between Poroshenko and Trump hasn't been held yet due to internal issues in Washington

    A meeting between Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and US President Donald Trump has not taken place yet due to internal issues at the White House itself, as stated by the Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration, Kostiantyn Yelisieiev, in an interview with Segodnya.

    "Indeed, we proposed dates for the visit at the end of February. However, as you know, at that time, certain complex personnel processes were taking place in the new Administration. At that time, unfortunately, key …

  • U.S. Department of State condemned arrests at rallies in Russia

    The US State Department condemns the actions of Russian law enforcement agencies during protests against corruption that took place in dozens of Russian cities on March 26th and call for the immediate release of all peaceful rally participants, as stated by State Department spokesman Mark Toner, reports Reuters.

    "We urge the Russian government to immediately release all peaceful demonstrators," Toner said in a statement.

    The State Department spokesman noted that Washington “condemns the …

  • Lukashenko accuses the US and Germany of financing militants in Belarus

    The President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, said that the armed militants who were allegedly preparing attacks in the country were funded by the USA and Germany, as he stated on Friday, March 24th, during a visit to the Grodno region, BelTA news agency reports.

    "They are offended because they heard my statement made in Mogilev about Ukraine, Lithuania, and Poland. But what if it is really like that?! The Americans and Germans funded this through the Poles and Lithuanians. Most of the money …

  • President of Belarus invited to visit the U.S.

    The U.S. Embassy in Belarus has sent an invitation to the President of the Republic, Aleksandr Lukashenko, to attend a ceremony marking the 100th anniversary of the United States' entry into the First World War, as reported by Interfax news agency citing the American diplomatic mission.

    "President Lukashenko, along with heads of other countries who were involved in the First World War, was invited to participate in the ceremony on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the US entry into this …

  • NATO commander suggests that Russia has been helping the Afghan Taliban

    The Supreme Allied Commander of Europe and the Commander of the United States European Command, U.S. Army General Curtis Scaparrotti said that Russia may be helping the Islamist Taliban in Afghanistan, which is fighting against the U.S.-backed government.

    At a hearing in the Senate Committee on Defense Forces, he said he saw evidence that Russia was stepping up efforts to influence the Taliban and, according to him, "perhaps even supply” this group, Radio Liberty reported. The general did not …

  • Ukraine asks US to make it a major non-NATO ally

    The Verkhovna Rada adopted an appeal to the US Congress with a plea to conclude a defense agreement with Ukraine and grant Ukraine the status of Major non-NATO ally.

    232 deputies voted for the adoption of the draft resolution.

    "In accordance with the spirit and letter of the Budapest Memorandum, as well as in developing a strategic partnership between our states, we are asking the United States to consider concluding a defense agreement with Ukraine and granting Ukraine the status of Major …

  • Uncontrolled enclave near the borders of Ukraine: Is it the only way to solve the problem of the Donbas?

    Author: Dmytro Snegiryov, Head of Prava Sprava public initiative.

    Despite the fact that the parties to the armed conflict in the Donbas - Ukraine, ORDLO (separatists-held territories), and Russia - recognize the inefficiency of the Minsk Agreements, and the lack of prospects from the beginning, neither party offers another format, knowing perfectly well that it awaits the same fate.

    At the time, the representative of Ukraine to the political subgroup of the Trilateral Contact Group on the …

  • Russia wants to check on activities of 'Radio Liberty' and 'Voice of America'

    Konstantin Zatulin, the First Deputy Chairman of the Committee of the State Duma for the CIS, has asked the State Duma to check that the activities of “Radio Liberty” and “Voice of America” are in compliance with Russian law, as reported by Interfax news agency.

    "I propose that we give official instruction to the Information Policy Committee to check that the activities of companies such as “Radio Liberty” and “Voice of America”, which have Russian service, are in compliance with the …