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  • Russia sends another free arms shipment to Tajikistan

    The Russian Defense Ministry has sent the Armed Forces of Tajikistan a free shipment of military equipment and weapons worth around $5 million, the Central Military District (CMD) announced in a press statement.

    The Tajikistani military held a ceremony in Dushanbe to receive the shipment. The handover took place at the Hisor airport after contingents from member states of the Collective Security Treaty Organization completed the Inviolable Brotherhood 2019 exercise.

    According to the Russian …

  • Russia deploys S-300 missile system to border with Afghanistan

    One S-300 anti-aircraft missile system has been deployed to Tajikistan for the first time, reports RBC news agency, citing its source close to the Russian Defense Ministry. A second source close to the Ministry confirmed the deployment of the missile system to the border with Afghanistan.

    "This is the first S-300 missile system, which will be deployed on the border with Afghanistan, where the International Security Assistance Force operates," said one of the sources, noting that in Central …

  • Russia deploys electronic warfare systems in Kaliningrad region

    Russia is deploying a Murmansk-BN electronic warfare system in its Kaliningrad province, Izvestia reports.

    According to the Russian Navy Command, the system was acquired at the end of 2018 by the Baltic Fleet’s 841st electronic warfare center. Sources claim that the system has already been successfully tested in exercises there.

    Military expert Anton Lavrov believes that the Murmansk-BN’s stated capabilities would allow it to cause interference in an extremely large area.

    “Its operation …

  • Russian Defense Minister explains need for reinforcement of Tajikistan military base

    The need to reinforce the Russian base in Tajikistan is due to its proximity to the Afghanistan border and the terrorist threat originating there, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu told an RBC correspondent.

    “On the Afghanistan border, from the side of the border where terrorists migrate from various regions of the world, in this case primarily from Syria. And in since the operation there has virtually finished, they [the terrorists] are moving to two places: Libya and Afghanistan. And of …

  • Russia donates $9 million worth of air defense weapons to Tajikistan

    Russia donated $9 million worth of air defense systems to Tajikistan, reports TASS with reference to the Russian Ministry of Defense. 

    The report specifies that this delivery includes radar stations designed to detect and track airborne objects, as well as transmit target designation to air defense systems in Tajikistan. 

    The military equipment transfer was carried out in accordance with the Tajikistan’s Armed Forces modernization program, noted the ministry. The Kremlin also pointed out that …

  • Russia presents Tajikistan with a shipment of heavy weapons

    The Ministry of Defense of Russia has shipped a batch of small arms, artillery, armored hardware, anti-aircraft weapons and also paramedical, land surveying and other equipment, for free, to its counterpart in the Republic of Tajikistan, t RBC news agency reported cutting the Russian Ministry of Defense.

    In particular, the Tajik Army received three T-72B1 tanks, nine BTR-80, BTR-70 armored personnel carriers, BMP-2 armored fighting vehicles, three D-30 howitzers, three 23M1 air-defense systems, …

  • Russia conducts Iskander missile launches for the first time outside the country

    Russian Iskander-M tactical missile systems made their first launches outside of Russia during military exercises held in Tajikistan. A ballistic missile destroyed a cluster of imaginary militants during maneuvers in Tajikistan. This was reported by TASS news agency, citing Colonel Yaroslav Roshchupkin, Assistant Commander of the Central Military District.

    “For the first time, Iskander-M tactical missile systems destroyed a cluster of ‘fighters’ during exercises outside of Russia. The …

  • Russia transferred Iskander-M missile systems to Tajikistan

    Russia has deployed Iskander-M missile systems for the first time to Tajikistan in preparation for joint exercises.

    According to the Russian news agency TASS, the commander of the troops of the Central Military District, Colonel General Vladimir Zarudnitsky, stated that the Iskander-M missile systems will carry out a combat launch at a hypothetical “terrorist” base camp in the mountains in the course of the combat exercises.

    This will be the first time the Iskander missile systems will take …

  • Russia will form a UAV battalion at its military base in Tajikistan

    A battalion of drones will be formed at the 201st Russian military base in Tajikistan before the end of the year, as stated by the Commander of the Central Military District, Colonel General Vladimir Zarudnitsky, Interfax reports.

    According to the Colonel General, the battalion will be equipped with Orlan and Eleron UAV systems. The creation of the unit will make it possible to use considerable forces of unmanned vehicles "in a single information system” and improve the effectiveness of …

  • Russia deploys a division of Uragan MLRS to its military base in Tajikistan

    Russia’s TASS news agency reports that the Russian 201st military base in Tajikistan has been reinforced by a division of Uragan (Hurricane) multiple launcher systems (MLRS), as reported by the commander of the Central Military District, Colonel General Vladimir Zarudnitsky.

    "The combat capabilities of the 201 military base have been reinforced by a high-capacity division equipped with Uragan MLRS," said the commander.

    He clarified that the size of the compound remained within the framework …