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  • Russia starts building four submarines and two corvettes

    On Monday, August 23, Russian President Vladimir Putin attended a keel laying ceremony for four submarines and two corvettes, reports the Kremlin’s press service.

    Nuclear submarines Prince Potemkin, Dmitry Donskoy and large submarines Mozhaisk and Yakutsk will be built in St. Petersburg and Severodvinsk, and corvettes Grozny and Buiny in Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

    According to Putin, Russia needs a powerful and balanced navy, because it "plays a key role in ensuring the country’s security, protects …

  • Russia to scrap world's largest nuclear cruiser

    The nuclear battlecruiser Admiral Lazarev will be sent for disposal, reports Interfax, citing materials of the Russian government’s procurement website.

    The Admiral Lazarev battlecruiser, one of the four Kirov-class cruisers (Soviet designation Project 1144 Orlan), was launched when Brezhnev was in power. This is one of the heaviest and largest ships in the world.

    The decision to dispose of the ship was made after assessing its technical condition, an industry source told Interfax.

    "Its …

  • At the naval parade in St. Petersburg, Putin promises to strengthen Russian Navy with hypersonic weapons

    On July 26, a naval parade was held in St. Petersburg to commemorate the Russian Navy Day.

    The event was attended by Russian President Vladimir Putin, who said that the Russian navy will soon receive "hypersonic weapons which have no analogs in the world."

    "The unique advantages and the strengthening of the fleet's combat capabilities will be achieved through the wide introduction of advanced digital technologies, which have no analogs among hypersonic strike systems, unmanned underwater …

  • Russian National Defense Management Center: Northern Fleet monitors French frigate in the Barents Sea

    The Northern Fleet began to monitor the actions of the French frigate Aquitaine, which entered the Barents Sea, TASS reported, citing the Russian National Defense Management Center.

    "The forces and facilities of the Northern Fleet have begun to monitor the actions of the French Navy Frigate Aquitaine carrying guided missiles, which entered the Barents Sea on June 5, 2020," the statement reads.

    On May 4, the Russian National Defense Management Center reported that the Russian Northern Fleet …

  • Russia tests underwater drone in Mariana Trench

    The Russian deep-sea vehicle "Vityaz-D" for the first time plunged to the bottom of the Mariana Trench, Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov told reporters.

    "This is the result of effective cooperation as part of the project of Russian Foundation for Advanced Research Projects in the Defense Industry, headed by Rubin Design Bureau, as well as active support for the project by the Navy. We expect that the new scientific and design elite of the defense industry will grow while working on such …

  • Crew of Russian nuclear submarine quarantined due to potential coronavirus exposure

    The crew of the Russian nuclear submarine K-266 Orel (Eagle), which is equipped with cruise missiles, has been put under strict quarantine, reports the Russian news outlet Bi-Port

    The reason for this is the contact of one of the submariners with a person infected with coronavirus.

    "The entire crew of the nuclear submarine Orel, which is based in the Northern Fleet, has been put under quarantine. The reason for the quarantine was the contact of a civilian specialist who visited the submarine …

  • Russia to build two helicopter carriers in Crimea

    Before the end of April, the Russian Defense Ministry plans to sign a contract to build the first two Russian amphibious assault ships, a source in the defense industry complex told the TASS news agency.

    “We expect that, by the end of April, the military department will sign a contract for the construction of two amphibious assault ships, which will be built at the Zalyv Shipbuilding Yard in Crimea,” the source said. He added that “a technical design for these ships has been developed in …

  • Media: Russian submarines are ‘sitting ducks’

    The Russian news outlet Military Industrial Courier writes that Russian missile submarines have become easy targets for enemy anti-submarine ships. According to the Courier, if there is a war, the Russian submarines will be destroyed before they even have time to launch their missiles.

    The article notes that Russian missile submarines set out into the open ocean on combat duty, but even at their own bases they are visible to satellite tracking and vulnerable to a preventative strike.

    “The …

  • Russia’s Admiral Kasatonov frigate enters White Sea for weapons testing

    “Admiral Kasatonov”, the latest Russian frigate of the project 22350 class, has proceeded to the next stage of factory tests, which are being conducted in parallel with state tests. The ship’s crew will be testing the on-board weapons at maritime test ranges in the White Sea, Russia’s North Fleet announced in a press statement.

    “On Wednesday, the first serial frigate of project 22350, ‘Fleet Admiral Kasatonov’, entered the White Sea from Severodvinsk for the next stage of mobile factory tests. …

  • US Navy artillery’s range now triple that of Russia’s naval guns

    The US has managed to extend its artillery range to 50 km with its new Excalibur N5 shell. The shots were fired from an MK45 Mod. 4 ship-based artillery system, which has a basic range of 15-16 km. However, long distance shots are typically less accurate and lead to an overexpenditure of ammunition.

    The new 127 mm shell was developed by Raytheon, and has been equipped with a special GPS navigation system, which enables it to be accurate despite the range boost to 48.1 km. Satisfactory results …