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  • EU Parliament calls for response to Russian minisformation

    European Parliament has passed a resolution which names Russia as the chief – albeit not the only – source of misinformation directed against EU countries and other European countries, especially Ukraine and Georgia,reports Deutsche Welle..

    In a resolution passed on October 10, EU lawmakers drew attention to the “extremely dangerous nature of Russian propaganda,” and urged the European Commission to develop “an effective strategy to rapidly and reliably counter Russian misinformation”. In …

  • Brain drain in Russia passes 10 million mark

    Russia and other former Soviet states in Eastern Europe are continuing to lose their workforce to emigration, the World Bank stated in a report titled “Migration and the brain drain in Europe and Central Asia”.

    According to the bank, 10.6 million Russian citizens had left the country by 2017 to work abroad, more than from Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova combined.

    In terms of the absolute number of emigrants, Russia is firmly in the lead among the 24 countries which the World Bank includes under …

  • Russia’s new Niobium-SV radars to monitor Crimea and southern Russia

    The Russian Defense Ministry has decided to monitor the south of the country and the Crimean peninsula using the latest Niobium-SV radar stations, Izvestia reports, citing the military department.

    The Southern Military District’s aerial defense divisions are expected to receive the first such radars by the end of the year. The primary purpose of the new radars is to protect the southern part of the country and the Crimean peninsula against the possible threat posed by US aerial defense systems …

  • Russia sentences 72 year-old Donbas native to 12 years in prison for espionage

    72 year-old Volodymyr Morgunov, a native of the town of Milove in eastern Ukraine who more recently resided in Chertkovo, a Russian town on the border with Ukraine, has been found guilty of high treason.

    Morgunov pleaded guilty, Caucasian Knot news outlet reports, citing the regional office of Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) in the Rostov province.

    The pensioner was arrested in November 2018. Multiple SIM cards and two passports – one Russian one Ukrainian – were found in his house …

  • Russia flaunts footage of Kalibre cruise missiles fired from submarine in Black Sea

    The Russian Defense Ministry has released footage of Kalibr cruise missiles being fired from the submarine “Kolpino” at targets in the Black Sea. The video was published on the department’s YouTube channel.

    The footage shows the crew of a vessel responsible for the safety of the combat drill giving the order to prepare to fire, after which the missiles are launched. In the last clip, a missile fired from a submarine rises into the air.

    The Kalibr missiles were launched from submerged position …

  • Russia to require passports to use email

    A group of Russian senators led by Andrey Klishas, author of the law “On sovereign internet”, has proposed a series of amendments with stricter rules for accessing the internet.

    According to the documents published on the State Duma’s website, as of January 1, 2020, email users within Russia will have to identify themselves.

    Email services will be considered equivalent to messenger services, which similar rules have applied to since 2017: Users must identify themselves using a telephone …

  • Russia and Turkey plan to abandon the US dollar in bilateral trade

    The governments of Russia and Turkey signed an agreement on payments in national currencies (rubble and lira), reports the Russian Finance Ministry.

    The purpose of the agreement is to increase the attractiveness of national currencies for Turkish and Russian companies, create an appropriate infrastructure of the financial market and gradually move to the use of the Russian ruble and the Turkish lira in payments between the parties.

    The intergovernmental agreement provides for the expansion of …

  • Kurds are ready to start dialogue with Syria and Russia if the US withdraws troops

    The official representative of the Kurdish-led authorities in northern Syria, Badran Jia Kurd stated that Syrian Kurds, deployed in the North of Syria are ready to start negotiations with the Syrian government and Russian representatives, if the United States completely withdraws its troops from the border zone with Turkey.

    Turkey and the United States planned to create a security zone in Northern Syria. However, on October 1, Turkish President Recep Erdoğan declared that Ankara had not …

  • Ukrainian Defense Minister: Shelling by pro-Russian forces preventing withdrawal of troops in Zolote

    Preparation for the withdrawal of forces and equipment from around the city of Zolote is successfully underway from a technical point of view, but the disengagement cannot begin due to ongoing shelling by the separatists, said Ukrainian Defense Minister Andriy Zahorodniuk, as cited by Interfax-Ukraine.

    “From a technical point of view, the preparation for disengagement in this area has been going quite successfully, but the shelling is not allowing us to start it. I note once again that the …

  • Norwegian Embassy denies presence of Russian special forces in Norway

    The Norwegian Embassy in Russia stated that it has no information about the evidence of the presence of Russian special forces in Norway, reports Interfax news agency.

    "We do not have any information about the activities of Russian special operations forces in Norway or any evidence of such activities," states the Embassy. 

    At the end of September, the Norwegian news outlet Aldrimer reported that Russian special forces had been conducting reconnaissance operations in Norway, especially in …