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  • Russia sends Admiral Essen frigate equipped with cruise missiles to Syrian coast

    Frigate Admiral Essen sailed out of Sevastopol and is on the way to the Syrian shores where it will join the Russian flotilla of warships, RIA Novosti reports citing a source in the Russian military in the Crimea.

    The newest frigate of Project 11356, Admiral Essen made voyage around Europe had arrived in the Black Sea port of Sevastopol.  Upon arrival in the port of Sevastopol, the ship's crew had a few days of rest.

    According to the source of RIA Novosti, upon reaching its final destination …

  • Tillerson in Kyiv: Sanctions against Russia must remain until it complies with Minsk agreements

    Sanctions against the Russian Federation must be maintained until Moscow has fully complied with the Minsk agreement, stated the United States Secretary of State Rex Tillerson after meeting with the President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, in Kyiv on Sunday, July 9.

    "The territorial integrity of Ukraine must be restored. We call upon the Russian Federation to fulfill its obligations under the Minsk agreements. The sanctions of the US and the European Union against Russia will remain until the …

  • Polish Minister of Defense: Russia-China strategic alliance poses a threat to the free world

    Antoni Macierewicz, the Minister of National Defence for Poland, accused Russia and China of creating a strategic alliance that ‘threatens the free world,” in response to the Russian-Chinese military exercises in the Baltic.

    “Over the past few years, Russia and China have tried to hide the strategic alliance that unites them. They tried to create the impression that there is no such union. They gave the appearance of a conflict between them in order to mislead the public opinion of the West …

  • Muzhenko: Russia is restoring facilities for the storage of nuclear weapons in the Crimea

    Russia is restoring facilities for the storage of nuclear weapons in the annexed Crimea, Channel 5 Ukraine quotes Viktor Muzhenko, the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as saying.

    At the same time, he noted that there is no information currently available on the movement of nuclear munitions.

    "The building of a military presence in the Crimea probably involves the deployment of weapons of mass destruction; [thus] work is being carried out to restore capacity for …

  • Russia, Iran and Turkey failed to agree on security zones in Syria

    As reported by diplomats on Wednesday, Russia, Turkey and Iran could not come to an agreement on zones of de-escalation of violence in Syria during the talks in Kazakhstan.

    Russia and Iran, who support the Syrian President Bashar Assad, agreed to cooperate with Turkey, which provides assistance to the insurgents, in order to create four zones of "de-escalation" in the war-ravaged country.

    The country-participants of the negotiations hoped to come to an agreement by the end of August, before …

  • A Russian mail carrier who complained to Putin of her salary was advised to quit

    A mail carrier from Tyumen, Anura Sadykova, who complained to President Vladimir Putin about her low salary, was advised to resign if she does not like her level of income, as reported by Ura.Ru. The postal employee, who receives less than four thousand rubles ($66.5 USD) each month, relayed her story to journalists.

    "Previously, we used to deliver only correspondence, but the post office has become more like a store now. We are additionally forced to sell other products such as socks, panties, …

  • Georgian media: Russian military has moved the Abkhazian border

    Russian Federation representatives in Abkhazia have moved a banner designating the border by 500 meters once again, to the outskirts of the villages of Bershuti and Sobisi.

    As Georgia Online reports, citing David Tsertsvadze, the representative of the head of the Gori municipality Governing Council, the incident has occurred twice in the territory over the past two days.It is noted that the boundary limitation is established on the land plots of local residents.

    As a result of the demarcation, …

  • Russian family seeks asylum in Ukraine because of persecution over social media posts

    On the evening of July 1st, at one of the checkpoints on the border of Ukraine and Russia, a Russian family asked for refugee status in Ukraine, according to a press report from the State Border Service of Ukraine.

    It is reported that while passing through border control, a 32-year-old Russian citizen and his 33-year-old wife, also a Russian citizen, spoke to employees of the State Border Service of Ukraine and applied for refugee status. They came from a neighboring country, on foot, and with …

  • Media: Russia intends to cut financing of its Arctic development program by 17 times

    The strategic state program for the development of the Arctic, which is overseen by the Ministry of Economic Development, was conceived as a large-scale project for the development of the region. The department asked to allocate 209 billion rubles ($354 million) for its implementation through 2020, the Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Alexander Tsybulsky, said at the end of January. However, as RBC wrote in May, following a series of meetings with Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, …

  • Putin approved amendments to Russia’s ‘Martial law’ bill

    Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the federal constitutional law "On amending the federal constitutional law ‘On martial law’." The corresponding document was published on the Kremlin’s website on Saturday.

    "The federal constitutional law ‘On martial law’ is a supplement to Article 101, which allows for territorial defense to be conducted in the Russian Federation or in its separate areas, where martial law has been introduced, taking into account measures applied during periods of …