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  • Moldovan parliament calls on Russia to withdraw its troops from Transnistria

    The Moldovan Parliament has called on Russia to withdraw its troops and weapons from the Transnistrian region, as stated in a declaration adopted by the parliament.

    "Based on the provisions of the Constitution, according to which the Republic of Moldova is an independent, sovereign, unitary and indivisible state, and also in accordance with the permanent constitutional neutrality of our country and with a view to consolidating national and regional security, the Parliament of the Republic of …

  • Russia threatens Poland with a ‘tough response’ over the demolition of Soviet monuments

    The demolition of monuments to Soviet soldiers in Poland discredits Russia, according to Franz Klinzewitsch, the Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Defense, RIA Novosti reports.

    Klinzewitsch believes that Russia should take tough measures in response to Poland’s decision, in particular, severing economic ties, as well as prohibiting the entry of Polish MP’s and officials involved in adopting this law into the Russian Federation.

    “It is necessary to act very strongly here …

  • Poroshenko: Georgia and Ukraine have a common aggressor – Russia

    President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko wrote on Facebook that the Ukrainian and Georgian people will jointly fight for de-occupation of their territories.

    "It's painful to look into the eyes of people who found themselves behind the barbed wire of the Russian occupation in friendly Georgia. It is important for me that people behind the line of demarcation in the Tskhinvali region feel that they are not alone, that the whole world is with them. The Ukrainian and Georgian people will jointly …

  • Kremlin: Turkey to take loan from Russia to purchase S-400 missile systems

    A portion of the funds for Turkey’s purchase of an S-400 system from Russia will apparently be taken on loan from Russia, Rostec CEO Sergey Chemezov told reporters on Tuesday.

    “The discussion of technical matters is complete, but it is still necessary to deal with purely administrative matters. On the one hand, the Turkish government needs to make a decision, and on the other hand, we must make [it]. But there is also the financial question: the Turkish authorities are holding negotiations …

  • Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs: Ukraine decided not to introduce visa requirements with Russia

    The National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (NSDC) decided not to introduce a new visa policy with Russia. This was announced in the Verkhovna Rada by Pavlo Klimkin, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

    “The plan for the future is the decision approved by the NSDC to create an integrated system. Not a separate step, as some wanted, but a system that provides for the collecting of biometric data from foreigners and stateless persons, effective control of movement through Ukraine, …

  • Media: Siemens considers leaving Russia

    The German company, Siemens, is considering the possibility of abandoning its assets in Russia due to the delivery of turbines to the Crimea, as reported on Friday, July 14th, by German business weekly, Wirtschaftswoche, citing sources in Siemens.

    It is noted that the CEO of Siemens AG, Joe Kaeser, is considering not only the possibility of withdrawing from Siemens Gas Turbines Technologies - a joint venture with Russian company, Power Machines, that assembled turbines, but also leaving the …

  • Media: Finland building tunnels in case of Russian invasion

    The Finnish authorities explain the operating concept of a network of underground tunnels to the country's civilian population, Wall Street Journal reports. The decision was made in response to military exercises by Russia on the border with Finland.

    The infrastructure is located near Helsinki, and the total length of the tunnels is about 200 kilometers. Underground routes connect a single network of shopping centers, parking, electricity and water supply lines.

    Separate tunnels will be used …

  • Security Service of Ukraine detains Russian spy in Kyiv

    Employees of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) detained a Russian special services agent in Kyiv who tried to obtain secret military documents and recruit a representative of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, reports the Press Center of SBU.

    "A native and resident of Donetsk, from time to time visiting Kyiv, on instructions from Russian Special Services, intended to obtain information about personnel, provision, deployment, armament and movement along the line of demarcation for military …

  • Ukrainian media: In the new bill on de-occupation of Donbas Russia is called an aggressor

    The online publication Hromadske published the text of the bill “on the characteristics of state policy on the restoration of state sovereignty over the temporarily occupied territories of the Donetsk and Luhansk provinces of Ukraine”.

    Russia is called the aggressor for the first time in the document which will bring an end to the anti-terrorist operation.

    “The Russian Federation is carrying out armed aggression against Ukraine and the temporary occupation of parts of its territory by means …

  • Israel, Russia and U.S. will discuss Syrian issue in Vienna

    Israel, Russia and the U.S. will discuss the Syrian issue in Vienna. Representatives of these countries will meet and clarify details concerning the de-escalation zone in southwest Syria, Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said in an interview with the newspaper Kommersant.

    “We will support any attempts to de-escalate the situation both in the whole territory of Syria and in the southwest of the country. Of course, it is too early to give a more detailed assessment, because at this …