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  • Moldovan Defense Minister says his country's neutrality is 'harmful'

    Moldova's neutrality is an illusion and this has a negative impact on security, the Defense Minister of Moldova, Anatol Şalaru said on Friday, June 17th. According to him, neutrality is bad for Moldova, which should take care of its safety, given the challenges that exist in the region.

    "While Russian Forces are illegally located in Moldova, we cannot speak of neutrality. The neutrality of Moldova is an imaginary notion that is promoted by socialists paid by the KGB of Transnistria," Şalaru …

  • President of Moldova called on the EU and US to continue sanctions against Russia

    The President of Moldova, Nicolae Timofti, called on the European Union and the United States of America to extend sanctions against Russia.

    During a meeting on Saturday with the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, Bohuslav Sobotka, who arrived to Chisinau on a visit, the President of Moldova recalled that the separatist region of his country, Transnistria, was the Kremlin’s "first experiment" in instigating a Pro-Russian separatist conflict.

    Moscow supported the separatists in Transnistria …

  • Moldova deployed military police units to the security zone

    Moldova has deployed, without warning, Carabinieri units into the so-called security zone. According to RIA Novosti, this was reported by the Co-chairman of the Joint Control Commission (JCC), Oleg Belyakov, at a meeting of the Transnistria Security Council.

    “On the 1st of May 2016, the Republic of Moldova unilaterally deployed Carabinieri law enforcement units to the security zone. The number of these units is currently being investigated,” Belyakov said.

    According to him, these actions …

  • Moldovan Defense Minister: Russia is the only country that doesn’t respect our neutrality

    The Minister of Defense of the Republic of Moldova, Anatol Şalaru, stated that Russia is the only country that doesn’t respect Moldova’s neutrality, Newsmaker reported. The statement was Şalaru’s response to the scandal caused by the Ministry’s decision to deploy NATO military equipment on the main square of the country on the 9th of May. According to Şalaru, it was only a memorial tribute.

    “We were told that we can’t have fun on that day, that we may only pay tribute to the memory. There was …

  • Moldova protested Russian participation in Victory Day parade in Transdnistria

    Moldova’s Government protested the participation of Russian troops in a Victory Day parade in the separatists region of Transdniester.

    A statement by the Foreign Ministry of Moldova reads that the Russian presence in the parade in Tiraspol “is a violation of the obligations of the Russian Federation and the principles and rules of international law.”

    The Foreign Minister of Moldova, Andrei Galbur, stated that his country asked Russian officials to prohibit 1,500 Russian troops stationed in …

  • Moldova and the US begin joint military exercises

    Moldova and the US began joint military exercises on May 3rd. As Radio Svoboda reported, the exercises, codenamed Dragon Pioneer 2016, will last more than two weeks, and will involve more than 200 US soldiers.

    The American servicemen arrived on the territory of Moldova from Romania on May 2nd.

    The pro-Russian opposition Socialist Party of Moldova called on their supporters to block the route of the US military, though only ten individuals participated in the blockade, and the column was …

  • NATO is ready to strenghen its support for Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova

    The Deputy Secretary General of NATO, Alexander Vershbow, stated in an interview with BGNES that the Alliance is ready to strengthen its support for Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova.

    "It is essential to strengthen our work of stabilizing the neighboring region by strengthening the support of such countries in the east as Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova, which are under pressure from Russia and need help to improve their security and sovereignty," Vershbow stated.

    The Deputy Secretary General also …

  • Moldova insists on the withdrawal of the Russian troops from Transnistria

    The Republic of Moldova reaffirms its position on the withdrawal of Russian troops and weapons from Transnistria. This was announced during the Moldovan-Russian consultations that took place in Chișinău, the news agency UKRINFORM reported.

    The head of the Moldovan delegation, Darii Lillian, who is the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, said that Moldova insists on the replacement of the Russian peacekeepers in the security zone on the Dniester by the mission of the …

  • Opponents to the union of Moldova and Romania protested in Chisinau

    Newsmaker reported that a protest took place on the 27th of March against the movement to reunify Moldova with Romania near the monument of Stefan cel Mare. About 100 people attended the rally. They marched through the city from the Arch of Victory in the Great National Assembly Square to the monument.

    The protest was led by the leader of the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova, Igor Dodon, the Chairman of the Association of Historians Pro-Moldova, Petro Shornikov, the Chairman of …

  • Pro-Russian parties call for boycott of presidential elections in Moldova

    The leader of the pro-Russian Our Party, Renato Usatîi, believes that Moldovan opposition parties should request that the country’s citizens boycott the upcoming presidential elections.

    Usatîi suggested that the Socialist Party and the Dignity and Truth Platform party join forces against the decision of Moldova’s Constitutional Court to hold nationwide elections.

    He believes that the Court made this decision with the sole purpose of avoiding early parliamentary elections.

    “I will meet with …