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  • New NATO headquarters opened in Latvia

    The press service of the Latvian Ministry of Defense announced that Latvia, Estonia and Denmark opened the Northern Division headquarters for the multinational troops in Adazi near Riga.

    The main task of the Northern Division will be the management of military operations in its area of responsibility. The new headquarters will begin planning and managing military operations, as well as planning and integrating the NATO units’ activities in order to strengthen the security of the region and …

  • Latvia intends to spend additional 60 million euros on defense in 2019

    Delfi reports that the Latvian government approved a state budget bill for 2019 that has been submitted for further approval to the Saeima.

    According to the bill, the revenues in general consolidated budget in the current year are estimated at 9.2 billion euros and expenditures at 9.4 billion euros. Revenues to the core budget are expected to reach 6.4 billion euros and expenditures at 6.8 billion euros. Revenues to the special budget are planned to be at 3 billion euros and expenditures at 2.8 …

  • Finland, Estonia, and Latvia agree to establish regional gas market

    The Estonian state-owned company Elering AS, which operates electrical and gas networks, stated that an agreement was signed with the energy companies of Finland and Latvia to the establishment of a Finnish-Estonian-Latvian gas market beginning 2020, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

    It is noted that this agreement allows for a single gas tariff for gas transit between these countries and eliminates cross-border charges which means that next year gas will flow between Finland, Estonia, and Latvia at …

  • USA deploys more than a dozen combat helicopters in Latvia

    As part of Operation Atlantic Resolve, thirteen UH-60 Black Hawk and HH-60 Pave Hawk helicopters have been deployed  in Latvia to strengthen security in the region, reported the Latvian Defense Ministry. The helicopters were deployed at a National Armed Forces airbase in Lielvārde. 

    Also, about 150 US military serving in the 3rd Battalion of the First Aviation Brigade have arrived in the country for 9 months rotation. The US personnel will maintain the helicopters and will train the Latvians …

  • Latvia bans broadcasts of channel RTR-Russia for inciting hatred towards Ukrainians

    The National Electronic Mass Media Council of Latvia or NEPLP has restricted the Russian television channel RTR-Russia from broadcasting in the country for three months. As Latvian news agency Leta reports, Latvian authorities found incitement to hatred toward Ukrainians was found in their programs. 

    The agency found hate speech against the Ukrainian government in the program “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov” dated May 22. In the program “60 Minutes” aired on January 11, 2018, the leader of the …

  • Latvia detects Russian reconnaissance ship in its territorial waters

    The Latvian National Armed Forces reported on Twitter that a Russian reconnaissance ship was spotted in the exclusive economic zone of Latvia. “On December 25, we found the Russian reconnaissance ship named Yuri Ivanov in the exclusive economic zone of Latvia at six nautical miles from the border.”

    Russian warships and aircraft have been increasingly seen and recorded close to the air and sea borders of the Baltic States since the start of the conflict in Ukraine and the aggravation of …

  • Russian money-laundering scandal puts Latvia on verge of financial catastrophe

    After becoming one of the primary “laundromats” for laundering shady capital from Russia, the Latvian banking system is now facing the threat of international isolation.

    Due the scandal surrounding the country’s second largest bank, ABLV, which was caught transferring billions of dollars from Russia and former Soviet states into offshore accounts, Latvia risks being blacklisted by the FATF, observed the US ambassador to the country, Andris Teikmanis.

    This blacklist includes governments that …

  • Latvia publishes list of KGB agents

    On December 20th, The National Archives of Latvia opened access to the KGB archives containing lists of agents of the Soviet special services.

     The files in PDF format can be found at

    The files of KGB agents in the Latvian USSR (a total of 10,612 files) have been published in alphabetical order. The archive includes the names of both active agents in the late 1980s and the excluded ones.

    In this archive, there is also general information, which was entered by the First …

  • Baltic states agreed to increase their defense budgets

    Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia intend to increase their defense budgets to more than 2 percent of the Gross Domestic Product. The Defense Ministers of the three countries agreed to this in their joint communique after the meeting in Vilnius on Saturday, November 24. DW reports that the document envisions cooperation in strategic communication between the Baltic States and Poland, and increasing the cyber security of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. 

    During the two-day meeting that took place in …

  • Latvia condemns the blockade of the Azov Sea by Russia

    The blockade of the Azov Sea is another proof of Russia's consistent destructive regional policy. Russia continues aggression in the Donbas and does nothing to de-escalate the conflict, said Latvian President Raimonds Vējonis at a joint briefing with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in Kyiv, Ukrinform reported.

    "Latvia strongly condemns Russian aggression in Donbas. Unfortunately, Moscow does not take any steps to de-escalate the conflict. The blockade of the Sea of Azov is another proof …