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  • Latvia puts previously deported Russian journalist on entry-ban list

    A journalist from a state-run Russian television station, the TVC, Anatoly Kuravlev, who was detained in Latvia and deported, was also put on the entry-ban list for an indefinite period of time, Latvian Interior Minister Rihards Kozlovskis stated on the LNT Latvian television.

    “This is not a prohibition for life, it is a temporary prohibition, which is revised every three years by the authority that issued it, in this case by the Interior Ministry,” the Minister said, however, he did not cite …

  • Media: Latvia considers recognizing Russian TV channels as foreign agents

    The Latvian Social Democratic Workers’ Party (LSDWP) has prepared a petition calling for the adoption of a law that would give the Russian TV channels in the country the status of foreign agents, reported Russian newspaper Izvestiya.

    The request was registered by LSDWP board member Raymond Leijnieks-Puke. According to the news outlet, the document was placed on the official social initiatives platform, where citizens can collect the necessary 10,000 signatures for the document to be …

  • Special secret units will be created in the Latvian army

    The National Armed Forces of Latvia carried out structural changes that envisage the creation of a directorate of special operations and special secret units, stated the commander of the Latvian Armed Forces Leonid Kalnins, Delfi reports.

    According to him, the structure of the army is outdated and does not meet the demands for developing the combat capability and defense of the country.

    The commander noted that the units of special operations are one of the cornerstones of national defense. …

  • Estonia and Latvia begin joint military exercises Hurricane 2017

    In Estonia, on Saaremaa Island and in Pärnu County, large-scale exercises named Orkaan-2017 (Hurricane-2017) organized by the voluntary paramilitary organization Kaitseliit (Estonian Defense League) are to begin soon.

    Over a thousand people from Estonia and Latvia will participate in the exercises, Interfax reports citing the press service of Kaitseliit.

    As the head of the Lääne County of the Defense League, Lieutenant Colonel Tõnu Mijl stated, "the exercise will also involve local government …

  • Latvia detects Russian warplanes near its borders

    Two Russian Su-27 aircraft were detected near the border of Latvia, as reported on Twitter by the National Armed Forces of the country.

    The message says that the Latvian planes while on a patrol duty above the neutral waters of the Baltic Sea noticed two Su-27 fighters from Russian Armed Forces flying near the Latvia’s sea border.

    In October, the Latvian military reported that a ship and a submarine of the Russian Navy had been seen near Latvia's borders. According to the National Armed …

  • Latvia to pass a law giving equal recognition to those who fought against either the USSR or Nazi Germany

    The Latvian Saeima has approved, on its second reading, a draft law on awarding the status of participant in the Second World War, Delfi news agency reports.

    As stated in the law’s commentary, the goal of this step is to recognize the merits of Latvian citizens who participated in this global conflict, regardless of who they fought against: Nazi Germany and its allies, or against the USSR.

    Additionally, the law stipulates that Latvia does not bear legal responsibility for crimes committed by …

  • Latvia detects Russian warplanes and warships near its borders

    On Friday and Saturday, October 27 and 28, the Latvian National Armed Forces recorded the presence of a Russian plane and Russian Navy ships near Latvian borders, reported Delfi.

    On October 28, in the exclusive economic zone of Latvia, 14 miles off Latvian coast, armed forces identified the Russian Sura-class buoy tender Kilektor-1 ship. On October 27, the Viktor Konetsky tug boat was recorded 16 miles off Latvian coast.

    NATO patrol aircraft also identified yesterday a Russian Air Force An-27 …

  • Latvia detects Russian warships near its borders

    Three Russian warships were sighted near the Latvian border, the National Armed Forces of the Republic stated on Twitter.

    "In the Latvian exclusive economic zone, 18 nautical miles from territorial waters, on October 21, the Navy identified the Bira-class supply ship Irgiz of the Russian Armed Forces," the statement says.

    It also notes that 13 nautical miles from the territorial waters of the republic, a Russian Sura-class buoy tender Kilektor 1 was seen, and at six nautical miles, a Smolny- …

  • Silver Arrow 2017 NATO exercises began in Latvia

    NATO’s latest large military exercise “Silver Arrow 2017” was launched in Latvia, according to the website of Latvia’s Ministry of Defense.

    Silver Arrow will be attended by servicemen from 11 allied countries, including Albania, the United States, Estonia, Italy, Canada, Latvia, Britain, Poland, Slovenia, Spain and Germany. About 3,500 people will participate.

    The aim of the exercises is for the Latvian Armed Forces and the military of the allies to work out "tasks vital for the defense of …

  • Daughter of Putin’s university teacher suggests that Latvia should impose sanctions on her father

    Former top manager of PhosAgro, Igor Sychev, and the daughter of the rector of the St. Petersburg National Mineral Resources University, Vladimir Litvinenko and former Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, Olga Litvinenko, gave a speech to the Latvian Parliament (Saeima), as she indicated by Dozhd (Rain) TV.

    Sychev and Litvinenko addressed the deputies of the Saeima and representatives of the Support for Russian Civil Society group. They discussed the methods that the Russian …