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  • Latvia detects Russian warships near its borders

    The Latvian National Armed Forces detected Russian warships near Latvian national borders. This is stated in a message published in the official Twitter of the National Armed Forces of Latvia.

    “On July 7, in the exclusive economic zone of Latvia, 10 nautical miles from the state border, a support ship for class CC-750 Kashtan submarines was detected,” the message said.

    The National Armed Forces of Latvia also reported that the Russian Ivan Gren amphibious assault ship was detected in Latvian …

  • A Russian citizen who was extradited from Latvia to the United States was put into an American prison

    A Russian citizen, Yury Martyshev, who was extradited by the Latvian authorities to the US, is now in an American prison in Alexandria, Virginia, as reported on Wednesday by the Russian Embassy in the US, according to TASS.

    Preliminary information indicates that the Russian is suspected of cyber fraud, for the theft of personal information of credit card holders.

    The diplomatic mission noted that "they consider this arrest as another case of the kidnapping of a Russian citizen by US …

  • More than 300 Spanish soldiers from NATO battalion arrive in Latvia

    More than 300 Spanish soldiers from a multinational consolidated NATO battalion led by Canada have arrived in Latvia, as reported by the news agency LETA, citing the Republic's Ministry of Defense.

    The Spanish soldiers arrived in Latvia together with military equipment, including Leopard tanks, Pizarro infantry fighting vehicles, and cargo of technical support and logistics. In the next few days, they will be transferred to a military base in Adazi, where the NATO combat group will be deployed. …

  • NATO Saber Strike exercises to begin in Latvia

    NATO's Saber Strike multinational exercises, in which more than 2,000 soldiers from eight countries will take part, will start in Latvia on Saturday and will last until June 15th.

    Saber Strike is held annually, and involves joint exercises of ground and air troops under the command of U.S. forces in Europe. Servicemen from Latvia, Lithuania, Italy, Norway, Great Britain, Poland, Slovakia and the USA will participate this year.

    As stated by the Latvian Defense Ministry, the goal of the …

  • Latvia reports the approach of three Russian ships close to its borders

    Latvia stated that three Russian ships approached its borders. This was reported by the country’s national armed forces on its Twitter account.

    “In the waters of Latvia’s exclusive economic zone, four miles from its territorial waters, were three corvettes – the Liven 551, the Serpukhov 603 and the Morshansk 824,” the report said.

    In April, the Latvian National Armed Forces announced that a Russian Kilo-class submarine had been identified near the Latvian border.

    In January, Latvia also …

  • Latvia will purchase used mortars from Austria

    On April 30, TASS wrote that Latvia would purchase second-hand, 120mm mortars from Austria. This was reported by the local news agency LETA with reference to the Minister of Defense of the Republic Raimonds Bergmanis.

    "The number of mortars to be purchased was not specified by the Ministry of Defense, however it was noted that their delivery is provided for by a bilateral agreement between the Latvian Defense Ministry and the Austrian Ministry of Defense and Sports for the supply of self- …

  • The Speaker of the Latvian Parliament said the presence of US troops in the region is 'the decisive factor of security'

    The permanent military presence of the United States troops in the Baltic countries is a critical factor in maintaining security in the region, as stated by the Speaker of the Latvian Saeima, Inara Murniece, during a meeting with the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the US Congress, Paul Ryan, in Washington, Delfi reported.

    “We highly appreciate the strengthening of the presence of NATO forces in the Baltic region by sending combat groups. But for us the constant military presence …

  • Latvia to purchase machine guns for 5.5 million euros

    The Ministry of Defense of Latvia is spending more than 5.5 million euros on the purchase of machine guns and their components, reported the Delfi news portal.

    7.62- and 12.7-millimeter machine guns and the components for their maintenance will be supplied by the Belgian arms company FN Herstal.

    The weapons were procured through negotiations rather than holding a tender. The machine guns will be used by the regular troops of the National Armed Forces and the units of the Zemessardze, the …

  • Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia will continue the project of a unified Baltic battalion

    The project to create a unified Baltic Battalion with the participation of the Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian military will be continued under the leadership of Latvia, as agreed to by the commanders of the defense forces of the three countries at a meeting in Riga, Delfi reported.

    They noted that the Baltic Battalion is the common contribution by their states to their own security and to the security of NATO.

    "In addition to adopting and integrating in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania a …

  • The Latvian government will allocate nearly 9 million euros for deployment of NATO battalion

    The Latvian government has decided to allocate preliminary financing in the amount of 8.9 million euros for the deployment of a multinational battalion of the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO) on the territory of the Republic.

    As the Republic’s Ministry of Defense noted, they are speaking of the presence of the NATO force, led by Canada.

    "The main items of expenditure are food; drinking water; the purchase of portable toilets, sinks and other equipment; as well as fuel, lubricants and military …