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  • Kremlin prepares for war with Erdogan in Syria

    Fighting between Turkish soldiers and the Syrian army, which Russia has been supporting for five years, would be the worst possible development, said Kremlin Spokesperson Dmitry Peskov, commenting on a statement by Turkish President Recep Erdogan, who warned that an operation in Syria’s Idlib province will begin in the next few days unless Assad and Moscow withdraw their forces.

    “If we’re talking about an operation against terrorist groups in Idlib, then, without a doubt, it will be activity …

  • Ukraine blames Kremlin for Donbas escalation at UN Security Council session

    During a session of the UN Security Council, Ukrainian Deputy Foreign Minister Serhiy Kyslytsia brought up the topic of the conflict escalation in the Donbas.

    “What is our status today? Apparently, an answer was given at 5 AM local time, when our positions came under attack. The attack, perpetrated today, on the fifth anniversary of the Debaltseve tragedy, was particularly shameless,” he said.

    Kyslytsia remarked that the Armed Forces of Ukraine responded appropriately to this attack by the …

  • Kremlin names three conditions for improving relations with Europe

    Russia is “carefully analyzing” French President Emmanuel Macron’s offer to improve dialog with Moscow, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko said on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference, as cited by RBC news agency. The deputy minister remarked that Russia “is appraising the situation on the basis of reality”, and understands that, in order to bring about systemic changes to the status quo, Europe needs to take concrete steps towards cooperation.

    According to Grushko, …

  • Kremlin instructs regional governments to create festive atmosphere during voting on constitutional amendments

    The Russian regions have been instructed to create a “festive atmosphere” in order to increase turnout on the day the population votes on Putin’s proposed constitutional reforms, RBC news agency reports, citing two participants of a seminar for vice governors dedicated to voting. The seminar was conducted by the Presidential Administration between February 13 and 15.

    According to RBC’s sources, the seminar did not give any concrete guidelines, because “everyone knows what needs to be done”. “ …

  • Kremlin prepares Russians for Putin's indefinite rule

    After launching the most far-reaching constitutional reforms since the early 1990s, the Russian government appears to be starting a PR campaign in which citizens ask the current president Vladimir Putin to remain in power after 2024.

    On Tuesday in an episode of the TV channel Russia 24, Alena Smyslova, deputy head of the Cherepovets State University, spoke about the idea of extending Putin’s powers.

    During a meeting with the public, Smyslova asked whether there would be any point to holding …

  • Lebanon asks Russia for $1 billion in aid

    Yet another Middle Eastern government is asking Russia for financial assistance. Following Iran, which is expecting a $2 billion Russian loan, and Syria, which has already been allocated $500 million for expanding its port infrastructure, Lebanon is requesting Kremlin money.

    According to the Lebanese media, Beirut would like a $600 million - $1 billion loan from Russia.

    The foreign currency is sorely needed by Lebanon, which is undergoing a severe currency crisis with a shortage of dollars, …

  • Kremlin files case against Facebook and Twitter

    Russia’s federal communications censorship agency, RosKomNadzor, has initiated an administrative case against Facebook and Twitter due to their non-compliance with Russia’s law on personal information.

    The department’s press service reported that the two social networks which, according to BR Analytics, have 2 million content creators and 210 million messages on a monthly basis, have failed to provide proof within the stipulated time frame that they are complying with the requirement to …

  • Kremlin approves law to censor emails

    The Russian government has approved a bill on the state regulation of email services that was put forward by a group of senators led by Andrey Klishas in October last year.

    The bill, which requires providers to identify email users by passport and to block accounts which break the law, has received positive feedback from the cabinet of ministers.

    Interfax reports that the government has approved Klishas’s idea in general, but has proposed to clarify the concept of “organizers of message …

  • Putin's aide Vladislav Surkov resigns

    Russian presidential aide Vladislav Surkov, who oversaw the so-called “Ukrainian direction”, left the civil service. The director of the Center for Current Policy, Alexey Chesnakov, who is close to Surkov, announced this on his Telegram channel. "He will be doing meditation for the next month. After that, he promised to inform about the reasons for his decision and about further plans," Chesnakov wrote.

    Chesnakov later confirmed the information about Surkov's resignation from the state service …

  • Kremlin confirms that Zelensky and Putin could meet in Israel

    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin could meet in Israel on the sidelines of the Holocaust memorial forum, said Alexey Venediktov, editor-in-chief of the Echo of Moscow radio station, on his Telegram channel.

    The Office of the President of Ukraine responded that no meeting between the leaders has been planned. The Kremlin confirmed that a meeting is possible.

    “[Putin’s] program is very full, and, if there are separate meetings, they will be ‘ …