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  • Russian Security Service detains suicide bombers who planned to carry out terrorist attacks in Moscow

    Officers of the FSB in Russia detained four ISIS terrorists who were preparing to commit a series of terrorist attacks in shopping centers and on public transportation in Moscow.

    The FSB reported that “members of a terrorist group were detained as a result of a special operation. Among them are the organizer of the attacks, who is an emissary of the Islamic State; an expert in the manufacture of explosive devices; and two suicide bombers.”

    The terrorist group consisted of a Russian citizen …

  • Ukrainian court issued arrest warrant for a Russian citizen accused of having ties with ISIS

    A Russian citizen who had been wanted internationally on suspicion of involvement in the activities of the Islamic State terrorist organization was arrested in Ukraine for two months by the judgment of Kharkiv court. The information was formally released by Vita Dubovik, the Press Secretary of the Prosecutor of the Kharkiv Oblast.

    “A 26-year-old Russian citizen who had been wanted internationally on suspicion of involvement in the IS was arrested for two months without bail,” Ukrinform agency …

  • Russia: Unidentified aircraft helping ISIS in Afghanistan

    The Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement on the flights of an unidentified aircraft which provides assistance to ISIS in Afghanistan.

    The ministry drew attention to reports of regular flights of an aircraft without identification marks in various regions of Afghanistan. In particular, the reports contain information about instances where boxes with weapons and other supplies were dropped for ISIS units.

     “This naturally raises a question to the above-mentioned representatives of NATO …

  • Russian warships fire cruise missiles at targets in Syria

    Russian frigate Admiral Essen and the submarine Krasnodar which are currently in the Mediterranean fired four Kalibr cruise missiles at Islamic State targets in the Syrian Palmyra region, as reported by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

    All the missiles reportedly hit their targets. The strikes were directed at heavy equipment and troops brought over from Raqqa.

    The Russian Ministry of Defense emphasized that the “commands of the US, Turkey and Israel were informed in good time about the …

  • Ukraine submitted a report to NATO on Russia’s ties to ISIS and Taliban

    The People's Deputy of Ukraine from the Petro Poroshenko Bloc "Solidarity" and head of the Ukrainian delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, Iryna Friz, provided NATO leadership with a report on Russia's relations with Islamist terrorist groups, including the Islamic State.

    "During the NATO PA spring session in Tbilisi, I provided the Vice President of the organization, Rasa Jukneviciene, and each member of the national delegations with an analytical report on the Russian Federation’s …

  • Russia denies execution of its soldier by ISIS in Syria

    The Russian Ministry of Defense refuted the claim that ISIS terrorists had captured and executed a Russian soldier in Syria, Interfax reports.

    “All military personnel of the Russian Armed Forces group in Syria are alive, healthy, and are carrying out tasks in the fight against international terrorism within their subdivisions,” the Russian Defense Ministry stated.

    The Russian Defense ministry condemned “the actions of the independent media, which regularly circulates the information output of …

  • Media: ISIS using Russian electronics in their weapons

    Military specialists in Syria, investigating the weapons of terrorists who have been killed, found that snipers of the terrorist Islamic State and Jabhat an Nusra use night vision devices with Russian electronics, reports the newspaper Kommersant, citing unnamed sources.

    “We found so-called electron-optical converters (EOP) produced by Russian companies,” the source said.

    A criminal case has not yet been filed on the findings in Syria, as the investigation and verification process is …

  • American senators want to create 'hybrid tribunal' on Syria, Russia disagrees

    A group of influential American senators introduced a bill to prosecute the war crimes committed in Syria (Syrian War Crimes Accountability Act). The bill envisions the possible creation of a hybrid tribunal to judge Assad and his regime, as well as to investigate the war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by all sides of the conflict in Syria, including the Jihadist group “Islamic State”.

    The “hybrid tribunal” could contain both Syrian and foreign jurists, judges and other …

  • Russian Military say they are following closely the operation in Mosul

    The Russian Ministry of Defense stated that they are closely watching the military operation of the Western Alliance in Mosul.

    According to the Russian Ministry of Defense over the last day (Saturday) they observed 19 airstrikes on the areas near Mosul carried out by the Alliance jets.

    “We are following closely the situation in Iraq ,where since October 17th the Iraqi forces have been conducting an operation aimed at driving the so-called Islamic State out of Mosul,“ said the spokesperson for …

  • Der Spiegel: Russia is behind cyber attacks that were initially thought to be carried out by ISIS

    According to German experts, the so-called Islamic State is unable to carry out complex hack attacks. According to Der Spiegel, the truth is that Kremlin’s hackers are behind the cyber-caliphate.

    So-called cyber-caliphate of the Islamic State terrorist group may be a Russian invention. German security experts believe that the so-called Islamic State isn’t yet able to carry out complex spy and sabotage attacks over the internet, Der Spiegel reported on the 18th of June with a reference to its …