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  • Russian Foreign Ministry confirms death of three officers in Syria

    The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed that three officers from the Russian contingent in Syria, who were officially reported missing in February 2019, were killed in Syria.

    On February 22 in Syria, a car with three Russian servicemen, a major and two colonels, was ambushed by Islamic State militants. For a long time, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not confirm the death of the servicemen, claiming that they were simply missing. However, it became known later that the military were …

  • Russian delegation arrives in Israel to discuss Syrian-Iranian issue

    A delegation from Moscow headed by Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Vershinin and Russian President's Special Envoy Alexander Lavrentiev arrived in Israel.

    They were received at the Israeli Foreign Ministry by the General Director of the diplomatic department Yuval Rotem. The Kremlin envoys are expected to meet with the Israeli Prime Minister, Foreign Minister and Defense Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. According to Israeli sources, the parties will discuss "Syrian issues”.

    As reported on the …

  • Norway detains Russian citizen suspected of terrorism

    The Oslo District Court made a decision to arrest a 20-year-old Russian for a month. The Russian man allegedly attacked a woman with a knife at a supermarket. The victim’s condition is critical, reported Aftenposten.

    Ola Lunde, a lawyer from Bashkortostan, claims his client's personality as inadequate. According to the lawyer, the Russian man is convinced that all Christians deserve death.

    “Detention is necessary for the public. I can state this regardless of the fact that I am his lawyer,” …

  • Ukraine presents report at NATO Parliamentary Assembly on Kremlin’s ties to Taliban and ISIS

    The Ukrainian delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly (PA) presented a report on the Kremlin’s ties to Islamist terrorist groups. The authors of the report devoted special attention to the support provided by Russia to the Islamic State, the Taliban in Afghanistan, and Hezbollah in Lebanon, reported Iryna Friz, MP from the Petro Poroshenco Bloc and head of the Ukrainian delegation.

    “The Taliban is the topic of a separate Parliamentary Assembly report which will be brought up for …

  • Russian Defense Ministry: Israel has destroyed ISIS positions in Syria

    An Israeli strike on July 25 in Syria has destroyed ISIS militants and missile launch sites, the Russian Defense Ministry told journalists Thursday.

    According to authorities, at around 9:30 pm Moscow time a group of ISIS militants, “in an attempt to provoke an Israeli attack on Syrian army positions, drew artillery fire from the Israeli forces stationed near the population centers of Nafakh and Al-Shajara (Quneitra province)."

    “A targeted counterattack by Israeli air forces and artillery …

  • US-led coalition strikes Assad army

    Warplanes of the U.S.-led coalition have again struck the forces of Bashar Assad, reported the Syrian state agency SANA, citing military sources.

    According to SANA, the planes that carried out the attack belonged to the U.S. Air Force. The attack took place in an area that is southeast of the city of Abu Kamal. This city is located on the Euphrates River in the province of Deir ez-Zor, near the border with Iraq.

    The news agency reported that several people were killed in the air strike and …

  • Iraqi Air Force strikes ISIS positions in Syria

    The Iraqi Air Force carried out a series of strikes on the positions of ISIS in Syria, reported the press service of the Prime Minister of Iraq, Haider al-Abadi , the commander of the Armed Forces of the Republic.The statement notes that the purpose of the raid was the command center of the terrorists in the settlement of Dashisha (Khaseke province) in the northeast of Syria. The head of the Iraqi government ordered to conduct the operation. 

    On April 19, al-Abadi also ordered the Iraqi F-16 …

  • ISIS threatens Russian national soccer team at the FIFA 2018 World Cup

    ISIS has repeatedly threatened security at the 2018 World Cup, which will take place in Russian cities from June 14 to July 15. In the most recent threat, the Islamist terrorist group released a photo-shopped poster online displaying jihadists brandishing AK47s, lined up opposite the Russian national football team with the phrases “big match,” “IS vs Russia” and “life or death” written on the poster. In the background of the poster, a silhouette of Russian President Vladimir Putin can be seen …

  • International coalition completes major operation against ISIS in Iraq

    The United States-led international coalition has completed major combat operations in Iraq against the ‘Islamic State’ (also known as ISIS), the U.S. Department of Defense reported on its website.  

    The report stated that on Monday, April 30, Coalition headquarters were closed at a ceremony in Baghdad. The U.S. Department of Defense noted that this closure acknowledges the changing composition and responsibilities of the Coalition, which will evolve from supporting and enabling combat …

  • Iraqi court sentences 19 Russian women to life for supporting ISIS

    19 Russian women were sentenced to life imprisonment by the Iraqi court for participating in activities of the extremist “Islamic State,” an Agence France-Presse [AFP] journalist reported.

    According to the AFP journalist who was in attendance during the court session, the Chief of the Central Criminal Court of Baghdad found all 19 women guilty of “joining and supporting ‘ISIL.’”

    Six women from Azerbaijan and four from Tajikistan were also sentenced to life imprisonment on the same charges. …