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  • Kyiv responds to Ukrainian oligarch’s suggestion to compromise with Russia

    One of the richest and most influential Ukrainians, oligarch Victor Pinchuk, published an article in the Wall Street Journal in which he suggested that Ukrainians have to “make painful compromises for peace with Russia” .

    What are these “painful” compromises?

    Pinchuk acknowledges that Ukraine should be able to choose its future, and Russia has to fulfill its obligations under the Minsk agreements ensuring the ceasefire and the withdrawal of its troops from the Donbas.

    “But this can be part …

  • The new head of the OSCE is dissatisfied with the situation in eastern Ukraine

    The Austrian Minister of Foreign Affairs and OSCE Chairperson-in-Office, Sebastian Kurtz, during his visit to the Donbas, said that the Organization is not satisfied with the current situation in eastern Ukraine, where the armed conflict continues after more than two years.

    He stressed that the OSCE is committed, "to step up the efforts to improve the situation," and in order to do so, Austria will allocate an additional 2 million euro for humanitarian aid to the residents of the Donetsk and …

  • Separatists from LPR receive almost half of the value of coal supplied from the occupied territories to Ukraine

    Separatists from the Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR) receive 47% of anthracite value supplied from the occupied part of Donbas to PJSC Centrenergo as taxes. This was outlined in the conclusions of the Security Service of Ukraine. The corresponding data is contained in the decision of the Severodonetsk City Court of Luhansk region of 2 December 2016.

    The Minister of Fuel, Energy and Coal Mining of LPR directs approximately 47% of the taxes received from the  export of coal from the above- …

  • Ukrainian official: There are indications that the Kremlin is willing to give up the Donbas

    The Ukrainian Deputy Minister for the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons, George Tuka, is convinced that Ukraine will regain control over the occupied territory of the Donbas in 2017 or in mid-2018 at the latest. Tuka stated this in his interview with Novoye Vremya.

    “Currently, Russia is ready to give back the Donbas only on its own terms. However, I am sure that Ukraine will manage to take over the initiative and implement its own scenario on the return of the …

  • Ukraine handed over 15 prisoners to separatists

    On the 29th of December, the Ukrainian authorities unilaterally returned 15 people who were subject to criminal persecution in Ukraine, to the representatives of self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic. The Security Service of Ukraine and the DPR confirmed the transfer of the 15 people, eight men and seven women.

    According to the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), they were previously detained for their participation in illegally armed groups. The transfer took place between Horlivka and …

  • Ukraine and separatists exchange bodies of soldiers killed in Svitlodarsk salient

    The bodies of two soldiers killed in the Svitlodarsk salient area near Debaltseve were returned to Ukraine five days after the engagement, the press service of the Ukrainian Armed Forces announced.

    "On December 25, in the town of Shchastya (Luhansk region), Ukraine received the bodies of two Ukrainian soldiers killed in the Svitlodarsk salient area on December 18th. This occurred as part of the "Evacuation 200" humanitarian project of the Armed Forces of Ukraine after five days of negotiations …

  • Ukrainian forces take control of a town in Svitlodarsk salient

    Ukrainian armed forces have taken control of the town of Novoluhanske situated along the Svitlodarsk salient. According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, the Ukrainian servicemen have set up a check point on the outskirts of the town.

    “This will allow us to supply almost 4,000 residents of the town with food and necessary consumer goods, restore medical services and delivery of required raw materials and fuel to the local factories. This will also make it easier for the residents of …

  • U.S drones have proven to be ineffective in the war in the Donbas

    The drones provided to Ukraine by the United States at a cost of millions of dollars, have proven to be ineffective against jammers and hackers. The Advisor to the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Nathan Khazin, stated in an interview with Reuters that the decision to use these drones in the conflict was wrong from the very beginning.

    In the summer of 2016, Ukraine received 72 Raven RQ-11B Analog mini-drones. However, these mini-drones have proven to be so ineffective …

  • Turchynov: Ukrainian troops have improved their position in the Svitlodarsk Bulge

    Ukrainian troops stopped the separatists’ offensive in the Svitlodarsk Bulge and even advanced in the course of the counterattack, as stated by Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov, who personally visited the forefront of the 54th Brigade.

    "A kind of record was established in the quantity of mines and mortar shells fired at our positions situated in the Svitlodarsk Bulge: more than 800 over these 24 hours," the Secretary said.

    He noted, " …

  • U.S. concerned by surge of violence in the Donbas

    On the 20th of December, the Spokesperson for the United States Department of State, John Kirby, stated at a briefing that the U.S. Administration expresses its concern over the escalation of tensions in eastern Ukraine. “The United States is deeply concerned by the recent upsurge of violence in eastern Ukraine,” Kirby said.

    “Over the past two days, six Ukrainian servicemen were killed and 33 were injured during attempts by pro-Russian separatists to seize more territory from Ukraine. This the …