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  • 50 people detained in Crimea during protest actions in support of Crimean Tatars

    49 people were detained for holding unauthorized solitary pickets in the Crimea, as reported by Interfax, citing the press service of the Crimean Ministry of Internal Affairs. Those participating in the pickets were released from police stations after “preventive talks.”

    As previously reported, the pickets were organized to oppose the local authorities’ actions directed against the Crimean Tatars. Specifically, participants in the rally protested against the arrests of Crimean Tatars who were …

  • European Parliament calls on Russia to stop repression in Crimea

    At a plenary session in Strasbourg on Thursday, the EU parliament adopted a resolution which accuses Russia of violating human rights in annexed Crimea, especially the rights of Crimean Tatars, Voice of America reports.

    European parliamentarians have demanded the release of political prisoners and have called for representatives of the UN, OSCE and the European Council to be granted unobstructed access to Crimea.

    The resolution states that the EU Parliament “condemns the sentences given to …

  • European Parliament calls on EU to intensify sanctions against Russia over repressions in Crimea

    The European Parliament (EP) has called on the European Union (EU) to expand the list of economic and personal sanctions against Russia and those involved in the persecution of the Crimean Tatars, as well as other Ukrainian hostages of the Kremlin.

    The corresponding item is included in drafts of five registered resolutions of the legislative body of the EU concerning the cases of Crimean Tatar leaders Akhtem Chiygoz, Ilmi Umerov and journalist Mykola Semena, Ukrinform reports.

    "The European …

  • Deputy Head of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People sentenced to two years in prison

    The Simferopol District Court, which is under the control of the Russian authorities, found Ilmi Umerov, deputy head of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People, guilty of calls for separatism and sentenced him to two years in prison in a colony settlement, reported his attorney Mark Feygin.

    The prosecutor’s office asked that Umerov be given a three-and-a-half-year suspended sentenced.

    Umerov was arrested in Simferopol on May 12, 2016. An hour before his arrest, he posted information on his …

  • German Human Rights Commissioner outraged at sentence given to Akhtem Chiygoz in Crimea

    German Human Rights Commissioner Bärbel Kofler is outraged at the eight year prison sentence given to Crimean Tatar leader Akhtem Chiygoz on September 11 in the Kremlin-controlled Crimean court, as announced on September 13 by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    “The sentence is a further reduction of rights of the Crimean Tatars on the peninsula following the Russian annexation,” Kofler observed.

    Kofler called it unacceptable to put people in prison for expressing their political opinion. …

  • Court in the annexed Crimea sentences Crimean Tatar leader Akhtem Chiygoz to 8 years

    The Kremlin-controlled Supreme Court of annexed Crimea sentenced Akhtem Chiygoz, one of the leaders of the Crimean Tatar people, to 8 years of general regime imprisonment, Krym.Realii reports.

    The court made the ruling on September 11, informing Chiygoz’ lawyer Oleksandr Lesovy of the special ruling after multiple delays.

    Roughly 100 people came to support Chiygoz in court.

    President Petro Poroshenko condemned the sentence, posting on Facebook:

    “The Akhtem Chiygoz case is yet another …

  • Lithuanian ambassador to Ukraine: Lithuania concerned about human rights violations in Crimea

    Lithuania is extremely concerned about human rights violations in the annexed Crimea, including the rights of the Crimean Tatars, with whom Lithuania has close historical ties.

    Ukrinform reports that Lithuanian Ambassador to Ukraine Marius Janukonis, who took part in the 4th Baltic-Black Sea Economic Forum as part of a delegation led by the Lithuanian Seimas Chairman Viktoras Pranckietis, spoke about this topic on September 1 at a briefing in Kherson.

    "This is the first such visit at the …

  • Ankara: Turkey will stand up for the rights of Crimean residents

    Turkey will stand for the rights of Crimea’s residents and the Crimean Tatars, stated Turkish Deputy Foreign Minister Ahmet Yıldız at a conference dedicated to the reforms in Ukraine, Anadolu news agency reports.

    Yıldız expressed confidence that despite the tense situation in the Crimea and the Donbas, Ukraine will become stronger. He also emphasized the significance of implementing the Minsk agreements.

    “This agreement, despite the discontent over the process of its implementation, still …

  • Ukraine: Crimean Tatar leader Chiygoz’s prolonged incarceration is further evidence of existing injustice in Crimea

    The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry believes that the extension of the arrest of Akhtem Chiygoz, one of the leaders of the Crimean Tatar movement, until October 8, is further evidence of injustice in the annexed Crime, as stated by Mariana Betsa, official spokesperson for the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, in a comment for Krym Realii.

    “The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry decisively condemns the occupation authorities of the Crimea for extending the preventive measures with respect to the detention of …

  • Crimean Tatar leader: Sanctions against Russia should remain in place until they completely withdraw from the Crimea

    The leader of the Crimean Tatar people, Mustafa Dzhemilev expressed hope that the European Union would continue a consistent policy towards the Crimea and that the sanctions would remain in effect until it is completely de-occupied.

    "Sanctions are the main thing for “de-occupation.” The European Union’s decision is very motivating because in the Crimea, repression has intensified against citizens who remain faithful to their state. I hope that these sanctions will continue until the complete …