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  • Putin gives instructions to ‘protect’ Russia’s interests in the Arctic

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has instructed the Defense Ministry and Federal Security Service (FSB) to protect Russia’s national interests in the Arctic, reports RIA Novosti.

    “The Defense Ministry, Federal Security Service and its border security should implement their plans to ensure national interests in terms of defense capability, but also to protect our interests in the Arctic, ensuring the normal operation of the northern sea route,” he said during a trip to the archipelago Franz …

  • Russian military began to test new military equipment in the Arctic

    The Russian Ministry of Defense is carrying out tests of new military equipment in the Arctic region, TASS reported.

    “Today, the specialists of the Main Directorate of motorized military forces along with representatives of the military industry began to conduct research and tests of new and prospective weapons and military equipment in Arctic conditions,” Deputy Defense Minister Dmitri Bulgakov told reporters.

    Military personnel will take the snow-and-swamp equipment from the village of …

  • Danish intelligence: Expansion of Arctic shelf could lead to worsening relations with Russia

    The expansion of the Russian continental shelf in the Arctic, among other issues, may lead to the worsening of relations between the Russian Federation and Denmark, whose claim to an arctic shelf overlaps with a Russian one, as reported by the newspaper Berlingske, based on a report by the Scandinavian Kingdom’s military intelligence devoted to the analysis of threats to the country until 2030.

    "The Kingdom may face a new challenge if Russia, as it is expected, receives an answer to its claim …

  • Russian submarine launches cruise-missile test in the Arctic

    The Russian Lada-class submarine “Sankt Peterburg” hit a predetermined target in the Barents Sea with a cruise missile, the Northern Fleet’s press center told Interfax on November 17.

    "Today, the diesel-electric submarine Sankt-Peterburg executed a combat training plan and fired a cruise missile from a submerged position at a target in the Barents Sea,” the statement reads.

    The area in which training exercises were being conducted was closed to civilian shipping well in advance. Seven of the …