• Ukrainian Intelligence accuses Russia of using programs to automatically sign petitions on government's website

    On Saturday, July 9, the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) reported the discovery of a mechanism that signs petitions for the President of Ukraine. The SSU claims that Russian special services are behind these operations. In particular, the Security Service employees’ suspicions were raised by a petition about the introduction of “a special developmental area” in the territory of the Kharkiv region, filed by one of the members of the former Communist Party of Ukraine. As of May 10, 2016, the …

  • NATO approves comprehensive package of assistance for Ukraine

    NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg stated at a joint press conference with Petro Poroshenko in Warsaw that the NATO countries have approved a new comprehensive assistance package for Ukraine to reform the defense sector,  Evropeyskaya Pravda reported.

    "The Trust Funds we set up at our last Summit are already assisting Ukraine in areas such as cyber-defense, logistics and the rehabilitation of wounded soldiers," the Secretary General noted.

    Stoltenberg added that Ukraine has already …

  • Obama: There cannot be 'business as usual' with Russia until Minsk agreements are implemented

    Speaking at the NATO Summit in Warsaw on Saturday, US President Barack Obama said that relations with Moscow cannot normalize until Russia implements the Minsk agreements, Radio Svoboda reported.

    “Our 28 nations [NATO] are united in our view that there can be no business as usual with Russia until it fully implements its Minsk obligations,” Obama said.

    At his first NATO summit in 2009, Obama stressed that one of the Alliance’s main goals should the pursuit of “a constructive relationship with …

  • Russia expels two US diplomats

    The Russian Foreign Ministry announced the expulsion of two employees from the US Embassy in Moscow, identified as CIA agents. The Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Sergei Ryabkov, said this on Saturday, July 9. According to him, it’s a response to the US having reported the expulsion of two Russian officials from the US the day before.

    Ryabkov added that the two US Embassy employees have been declared persona non grata.

    Moscow called these diplomats CIA agents.

    Earlier on July 8, the US …

  • Ukrainian Foreign Ministry: Russia is the only country blocking the expansion of OSCE's mandate in eastern Ukraine

    The spokesperson for the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mariana Betsa, stated during a briefing that the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs believes that the Russian opposition to the proposal to extend the OSCE's Observer Mission at Russian Checkpoints Gukovo & Donetsk in eastern Ukraine is another example of Russia’s failure to implement the Minsk Agreements.

    “Another example of Russia’s failure to implement the Minsk Agreements is their blocking of the OSCE proposal to extend the …

  • Russia hopes to launch carrier rocket which will compete with SpaceX

    As the head of the Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center Andrey Kalinovsky reported, the first launch of the Russian-made carrier rocket “Proton lite,” which can compete with the SpaceX rockets, will take place in 2018, Russian Interfax news agency reported.

    According to him, the project is “at a crucial stage.” “We are in a process of finalizing some procedural questions, working out schedules and technical requirements. We hope that the first launch will take place in 2018,” …

  • Russian postal service will need $8 billion to execute new anti-terror law

    According to preliminary estimates, the Russian Post will need more than half a trillion rubles (approximately $8 billion) to purchase the equipment required to comply with the anti-terrorism package signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin on July 7, as reported by the Russian TASS news agency, citing a source in the Russian Pos.

    "If the new technical equipment will have to be installed in all 42,000 post offices, it will require both the purchase of this special equipment, and the …

  • Poroshenko: Ukraine can teach NATO using its experiences from the war with Russia

    Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko believes that the collective security of NATO may benefit from the Ukrainian experience of war with Russia as indicated in an article the President wrote for the Wall Street Journal.

    According to him, Russian aggression on the eastern flank of NATO’s territory is aggression not only against Ukraine, but against the whole Western world.

    "There is not a single NATO country that has experience of combat with the modern Russian army. And Ukraine has such …

  • Kazakhstan offers Ukraine an option to transport cargo bypassing Russia

    Kazakhstan has offered Ukraine the option to use an alternative transport route through the Kazakh port of Aktau to bypass the Russian territory. This was reported by the Atameken National Chamber of the Entrepreneurs (NCE) of the Republic of Kazakhstan, citing the Deputy Chairman of the NCE Dana Zhunusova.

    Due to the introduction of additional restrictive measures by the Russian Federation as of July 1st imposed on the transit of Ukrainian products through Russian territory to Kazakhstan and …

  • Almost half the population of Finland supports holding a referendum on joining NATO

    According to a survey conducted by Taloustutkimus market research company, almost half of residents of Finland support holding a referendum on joining NATO, Finish news portal, Yle reported. 48% of residents stated that they want a national referendum and 40% of respondents expressed their opposition. Mostly people over 65 years old supported the referendum. The opponents of the referendum, as a rule, were aged 35–49 years.

    At the same time, media surveys, conducted jointly by the newspaper …